About John Burley

John Burley With 40+ years of investing experience, several thousand (personally) completed Real Estate deals, and over Six Hundred Million Dollars Raised, John Burley has the perfect mix of street-savvy knowledge and sound investing principles.

John is a Pioneer in the Real Estate Investment Business, originally trained in Finance by the World of Wall St., in 1989 he left and started his Private Equity Company, where he serves today as the Founder & CEO. It is a leader in the industry, with holdings from multiple countries and a dozen different states and operates under a For Profit, not the For Fees model that 98% of companies do. His was among the first ever companies to bring Single Family Home (SFH) Portfolio Real Estate to the Private Equity Community. His clients have included Wall St, Hedge Funds, Family Offices, Accredited Investors, and many people from his personal Sphere of Influence.

John is as an International #1 Best Seller with over One Million Copies Sold. His books include Money Secrets of the Rich and Powerful Changes. He is also the Featured Author in Donald Trump’s Book, Wealth Building 101, Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad’s, The Cash Flow Quadrant. He has produced over 100 books and audio programs during his career.

Because John is a Professional Investor, he makes his living actually DOING deals and not just teaching theory from the stage. The bottom line is John walks his talk. For this reason, John is only available to speak at a limited number of events per year.

As we enter 2023, John will be going through his 5th Market Downturn. Because he is not some “new kid on the block,” he has vast experience that shows him (and you) how to safely and securely navigate and profit from this market. As the Founder & CEO of his own Private Equity Company, John understands that is primary job is to mitigate and reduce risk. In other words, don’t lose money. John’s Proprietary Model is designed and proven to work in down markets when most other models flounder and fail.

John’s Education is Completely Different from Normal Trainings

John does NOT teach the same old stuff that he first heard in the 1970s and 1980s and then on through the 1990s and 2000s into today. You know the “How to Buy Real Estate for No Money Down or Credit.” How to “Flip Houses without any Money”. John heard it all, and like many he “Drank the Kool-Aid.” For years while having high levels of success in business, he struggled as a Real Estate Investor. He did a few deals, made some money, but it was a constant battle.

Finally, John had an epiphany, “Real Estate Investing was a Real Business, and it should be run like one.” And Real Businesses do not try to make it without money or a model to get paid up front. He realized that in Real Estate Investing the problem was not the student, but rather the education…

So, he changed it. He teaches proven Business Models that focus First on Money and then on Real Estate. Because the Truth is that Real Estate is very easy if you have Money and very hard if you do not. John’s students have the highest levels of success because they follow a Proven Business Model:

1) They Have a Great Idea – Real Estate.
2) They Raise the Money – via John Burley’s Proprietary Model.
3) They Monetize – Receiving $10,000.00 Placement Fee per Property, upfront, plus monthly cash flow, tax benefits and back-end growth.
4) They Run it like a Real Business – Because it is.

No more hype, no more “Trying to fit the square peg through the round hole.” No more trying to do Real Estate Investing without Money. Instead, you learn to take care of the Money forever. John teaches you exactly what to do, in his Proprietary, easy step-by-step system. And because we take care of the money first, like a Real Business, you are able to immediately transition into the Real Estate Business with earnings right up front.

As John says, “Real Estate has NOTHING to do with Real Estate. It is just like any other Investment Asset Class. It is about the MONEY. It Always has been and always will be.”

Learn to Master the Secrets of Raising Private Money and Real Estate Investing is Easy.” John R. Burley

People are always saying that John’s style of teaching is so practical that you can immediately use the information he shares.

In addition, to a few select guest appearances at other events, John holds 4 events per year in Phoenix, AZ. These are in high demand and have always sold out. His events are very limited, and they are the highest possible content available. And most important, when you show up to a John Burley Event, you actually get John Burley. That’s right, live and in person, no substitutes, no plethora of selling speakers. Just John, as it should be.

Even the Burley Boot Camp event, which is internationally regarded as the longest running Real Estate Training and the “Rolls Royce” of real estate investing trainings, is only held once a year (31st Annual Coming Up).

We encourage you to navigate through the website. Make sure to check out his YouTube videos, follow him on Instagram and Join the John Burley Real Estate Investing Facebook Group. We look forward to meeting you at a John Burley Event soon.