We are entering an extraordinary time to be a Real Estate Investor. The markets across the country are turning downwards and for us, that is ALL Good News. Warren Buffet said it best:

“When others are Greedy, be Fearful. When others are Fearful, be Greedy.” Warren Buffet

What does this mean? Most people never really learn how to properly invest. They think they do, when the prices are going up and interest rates are low. But then, the markets shift, and they are left holding the bag, or sitting on properties that are worth less than what they are in them before. Then they figure out that they never really were Investors, rather they were just Speculators.

If you look at virtually all Investors who carry with them decades of experience and success, you will see one common characteristic – They were Contrarians. When everyone else is jumping in and leveraging like crazy, they are on the sidelines or have scaled way back. When everyone is afraid and getting out, they are jumping in – Big Time.

We are so excited that the upcoming John Burley Spring Training Events will be on April 4th-7th, 2024 in Sunny Phoenix, AZ. This is the event where we teach the Private Equity Model, which is based on John Burley’s company which he founded in 1989.

The first part of the John Burley Spring Training Event we will primarily focus on the Private Equity Business and Raising Funds. The Interest Rate we are paying and thriving with is 4%. Could you make profits at 4%? We will show you exactly how this works. Many of us have raised millions or tens of millions of dollars this last year, paying out a rate of 4%, with Capital Investors placing like never before. You can meet, in person, several “Burley Century Club” Members who all do this and all have 100+ Properties.

This is where you learn how to raise as much money as you want and receive a $10,000.00 Placement Fee on each and every property that you acquire under the “Burley Model”. While doing this you focus on building up cash flow and creating millions in back-end future profits. True wealth creation.

The second part of the John Burley Spring Training Event we primarily focus on the Real Estate side of the business. Especially the Creative Real Estate. We go over which properties to buy (or not buy) and why. The primary focus is to maximize the rate of return which is done by buying well, financing well and remarketing to end users who will take on the position of ownership.

Spring Training is as American as Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Real Estate Investing!!!

Every Spring Major League Baseball Players travel from all around America (and the World) to Sunny Arizona, to get ready to be the best they can be…and that is what you are going to be able to do. Mark your calendar, book your tickets and come join us in Phoenix, AZ on April 4-7, 2024. You will be putting on your “Game Hat” and training to invest like a Major Leaguer.

John Burley will be sharing his Forty Plus years of Championship, Game Winning, Pennant Winning, Epic World Series Private Equity, Raising Money & Real Estate Experiences with you as you travel from the Minor Leagues to become All-Star Major Leaguers, over this, CONTENT PACKED 4-Day Event.

Just like the Major Leaguers do, he we will review and make sure you have down all the essential and foundational skills intact. You will work through anything that is holding you back and then move forward to the next level of skill sets.

Then we will get advanced…
John will go over in detail How To:

  • Make a Killing now that the Market has Shifted
  • What the Market Will Do, Why & How You Profit
  • Why Price is NOT the Most Important Factor
  • Implement the “Burley Model” for Max Returns
  • Raise Money – $100,000 to $1,000,000 or More
  • Find Great Deals, Right Now, In Your Market
  • Know Your Best Strategy – Quick Cash, Buy & Hold or Cash Flow

PLUS, Even More

  • Make and Earn $300,000.00+ on Every Property
  • Get Paid up Front $10,000.00 on Every Deal
  • Get all the Money & Financing you Need
  • Find the Best Deals – Especially Off-Market
  • Quickly Close, Solving Money Challenges
  • Buy Sub-2, Lease Option & “Mirror Wrap” Deals
  • By Owner Finance and Zero Interest Deals
  • Find Properties Wholesale Today
  • List of Over 150 Sources to Buy Off-Market Deals
  • Cash Flow for Freedom
  • Creative Financing – The Key to Winning Big
  • Goodbye to the Banks, No More “Rigged Game”
  • Returns of 10-25%+ and more Consistently

You will learn how to do this and much, much more over this Intensive, Gound Breaking, Content Filled, Massive Breakthrough John Burley Event.

That’s right, John will be “Pitching” a Double-Header, providing you with the GAME WINNING INFORMATION that you need to become an ALL-STAR REAL ESTATE INVESTOR!!!

Part One

The Secrets of Raising Private Money – How to Raise Money and Get Paid to Place it!

Learn to Raise Money at Just 4%, Find & Fund Deals, Run Your Real Estate Investing Company and Make Big Money

April 4th-7th, 2024, in Phoenix, AZ

Most Real Estate Seminars spend almost the entire time teaching you how to buy Real Estate without money or credit. And while those techniques are good to know and John covers them in great detail, they leave you hanging out to dry, if conditions are not “perfect” for those techniques.

The question John always had is why? Why do that? Why disregard the two ton pink elephant in the room? Why pretend that money is not needed to do deals, when it clearly is? Why spend all the time and effort to avoid the truth, and the subject at hand? Instead of trying to do Real Estate the super hard way without money, why not just learn how to raise money and get paid to place it?

Think about it? Can you think of one true long-term successful business that realistically can be run without money? The answer is no. Because real businesses know that you don’t just need a great idea, you also need money and then a way to get paid up front. You know, like a real business.

And that is exactly what John is going to teach you:

  1. Great Idea – Real Estate
  2. Raise the Money – First, just like a Real Business
  3. System to Monetize – $10k upfront to you on every deal
  4. Run it like a Real Business using John’s Private Equity Model

You know, how to be a real business. Not just a (hobby) Investor, rather your own Real Estate Investment Company, based on John’s Private Equity Model. A proven in good times and bad, 34-year-old company that John founded before Wall ST ever thought about doing Single Family Homes (SFHs).

Your mind will be absolutely blown as you learn John’s Proven Model for The Secrets of Raising Private Money. As the Founder of his Private Equity Company in 1989, John is a Leader in the Industry. John comes from a background of “Wall Street.” He looks at the business differently from anyone you will ever meet. He doesn’t see Real Estate, he sees a Financial Transaction that requires Money. And he knows how to get the money. You will learn revolutionary techniques that will propel you farther and faster than ever before.

MONEY. At just 4%. You need it to consistently be able to do deals and to build a Real Portfolio of SFHs. Come and learn from the Master. You will learn “Exactly” what to do to Raise All the Money You Need.

The Secrets of Raising Private Money. You will learn Detailed, Specific Systems and Techniques, that will place you far above the competition. The Hottest Tips and How-To’s will be yours to use and Profit. This Model will show you how to immediately identify, find and raise Private Money. You will learn the exact step-by-step presentation that John and his students have used to raise Billions of Dollars around the world. John will give you all this information at the first event. In today’s competitive Real Estate Market, the ability to have “legitimate” money and borrowing ability behind you is Deal Changing.

FACT: Money is the #1 Thing you need to succeed as a Real Estate Investor. John will show you exactly how to get it. Whether you want to do “Mom & Pop”, “Sphere of Influence” or “Institutional Raises” John is your guy. He will teach you just what you need to know to start bringing in the money and winning now!

FACT: $10,000.00 Upfront, on Every Deal. Let that sink in…because that is EXACTLY what John and his students are receiving. They know how to add value, build value, create returns and are rewarded for it. To the Tune of $10,000.00 upfront on each and every deal. This is ‘Normal” when you know what John knows. Do you want to know the who, what, when and where so that you can create these types of numbers for yourself?

FACT: To Grow and Sustain a successful Real Estate Investing Business you will need money, and lots of it. Warren Buffet didn’t try to just buy leveraged deals, he brought in outside money to leverage them. When you learn how to do that, bring in money…well, then every deal can be no money down…for you! Even if you do know how to Find the great deals, do you know how to get the Money to Fund them? Seriously, how to get the money to fund a couple, or five, or ten or a hundred or more deals in any given month, as often as you want (once you know how). John does and at these events you will learn how to!!!

Come and you will learn exactly how and where to get all the money you need to fund your deals. Plus…John will teach you how he and his Students Get Paid Upfront, $10,000.00 on every deal. And even more amazing, in 2024, they are paying just 4%. That is right, just 4%. Don’t worry about what interest rates are at, learn how to raise for just 4%. Even cooler, you will get the chance to sit with, learn from and network with many of John’s successful students. They refer to themselves as the “Burley Family”. And this “Legacy” of Generations of Successful Investors will now be a part of your life. Imagine what this can mean to you.

The Secrets of Raising Private Money Model is deal changing. It takes the shackles off and lets you run and grow your business just as fast as you want. Many successful graduates are returning to get the latest and greatest from John. And remember this will include all of the New & Improved Content and data.

Imagine…getting money without having to pay any points or interest. And then using that Money to Buy Deals for Way Below Market. PLUS…You will even learn a system to get paid up front to borrow money (This is what Hedge Funds and Wall St. started doing in 2009-12, TWENTY YEARS AFTER John started doing it, in 1989!!!

John created the Model, he Revolutionized it, He Perfected it. He Mastered The Secrets of Raising Private Money. And you will leave knowing what John knows, and knowing how to do it, and knowing how to profit from RAISING PRIVATE MONEY, FINDING and FUNDING REAL ESTATE DEALS like you never have before.

This is the most “leading edge” content out there. This is like no other event. This takes you away from the competition and puts you in control and profiting from Day One!

That is the “Essence” of the First Event. Make sure to Book Your Tickets to the Big Game, Don’t Miss Out.

Here is what John’s Package Includes:

The Secrets of Raising Private Money 3.0 – All New 2018 Update. This will give you all the Power you need to Raise Money in 2023 and Beyond. Updated Talk, Scripts, Market Information, Numbers, Pricing and Objection Handling Systems. (Value $1997.00)

Overcoming Objections While Raising Private Money – 10 Digital CD Real World: Questions, concerns, and objections come up. Instead of being surprised by them, you will know exactly what they are and the perfect way to answer them. (Value $997.00)

Private Money Contracts – The Exact Contracts John’s Private Equity Company uses when working with Private Money Partners. Every Contract is designed to put the fine print in you corner… and protect your interest. (Value $997.00)

Two FREE Tickets – Two Content Packed 3-Day Events – Back-to-Back “Live” in Phoenix, Arizona. How to Invest in Real Estate Like Wall ST on April and How to Buy & Sell Like a Real Estate Pro! on April (Value $1,994.00)


The Dodd-Frank Solution – John has put to-gather a comprehensive course that outlines exactly how to deal with Dodd-Frank. He clearly and concisely explains to you what is required, how to do it, and what it all looks like when done right. By HUGE DEMAND John goes over and covers all this information. Documents, Procedures Manual Section and “New” contracts are included. In John’s Opinion, Dodd-Frank is the number one opportunity, and the number one risk facing the Real Estate Investor today. Do you TRULY understand how it works? If not, this is MUST! Do NOT MISS IT! (Value $497.00)

Contracts & Documents – The Contract Package is a collection of Real Estate Contracts that John has assembled over his decades long career. They are Iron-Clad Contracts that were written to Protect the Real Estate Investor from unethical buyers and sellers and the unscrupulous attorneys who continually attempt to twist and turn the truth to their advantage. (Value $997.00)

Creative Financing – How to Buy and Sell Without the Banks – This 3-Day Event Covers Exactly where to Find Off-Market Deals and How to Fund them without the need for conventional financing. Subject-To, Owner Finance, “Mirror Wrap”, Lease Options and much, much more. (Value $997.00)

How to Cash Flow Real Estate – 4 Digital CD Set focusing on How to Cash Flow Real Estate. Discover How to Never Buy the Wrong Property Again. Make Cash Flow and Big Back End with No Money in the Deal. (Value $497.00)

Burley Appointment Scripts – How to find and create your list, who to call, what to say, the psychology and set up for your success in Raising Money. (Value $497.00)

TWO FREE TICKETS – Two Content Packed 3-Day Events – Back-to-Back “Live” in Phoenix, Arizona. How to Invest in Real Estate Like Wall ST on April 4-7, 2024, and How to Buy & Sell Like a Real Estate Pro! on April. (Value $3,994.00)

Part Two

How to Buy & Sell Real Estate Like a Pro

Creative Financing Buying and Selling Without the Banks

April 4th-7th, 2024, in Phoenix, AZ

No Money, No Credit, No BS. This Event will teach you to Build a Portfolio of the size of your choosing, filled with Positive Cash Flow Properties. All can be bought without your money or credit. That is not hype, that is the truth.

You will Learn how to go from Zero Income to Positive Cash Flow of Thousands of Dollars per Month in Just 90 Days.

It is 2024, we will Teach you Exactly what to do (and in today’s environment), what not to do when it comes to Creative Financing. This is fully updated, in compliance with the new rules and laws. And we will look at what will most likely happen going forward with the Economy, the ever changing Real Estate Market and Government Regulations. Looking forward and having a head’s up on what is coming is the best way to not get caught.

WARNING: A lot of people out there, especially on the internet and at “Get Rich Quick Seminars” act like Creative Financing transactions are really simple and easy to do. The fact is they are NOT. Things like Subject 2, “Mirror Wrap”, Lease Options, Master Leases, Sandwich Leases, Lease Purchases, Contract for Deeds, etc. are factually BY FAR the MOST COMPLICATED Real Estate Transactions there are. By far the most complicated and technical.

It is CRITICAL that you know all the ins and outs of the paperwork, disclosures and other technical information BEFORE you ever do one of these transactions.

And if you live in Arizona, or most of the Western United States you need to understand that there are VERY STRICT LAWS, with VERY SERIOUS CIVIL and CRIMMINAL Consequences for not knowing what you are doing or doing it right. VERY SERIOUS.

Creative Financing – How to Buy and Sell Without the Banks is a VERY SERIOUS BUSINESS that needs to be treated and respected as such. And John does just that. He has done more of these Creative Financing transactions than anyone you will ever meet. He knows exactly what to do and why. And after this event you will be Protected and Confident to go out and make lots of money doing Creative Financing Transactions.

FACT: John has Owner Financed thousands of properties. No one is more qualified than John to show you how to do this.

FACT: A HUGE PART of this is in the documents. Knowing which contracts and forms to use when, and why. To really get this down you need a huge number of deals under your belt. Or someone like John Burley who can give you that knowledge and keep you Safe and Profitable. John is the best person to bring that to your game.

FACT: John Regularly buys properties, here in AZ, and across the country for very low down, with NO qualifying financing. This is what you will have down cold. How to go to bat, swing the bat, and make hits, lots of hits, without striking out. It is Time for you to get your Spring Training Game up to speed!

John will go over both the Buying Side (how to get properties with nice, juicy low-interest rate loans that you don’t have to qualify for) and the Selling Side (how to get massive cash flow on as many properties as you want, with no limits).

This event will include LOTS of Q & A. John knows he MUST take the time to ANSWER your questions so that you can leave confident and prepared to take action and be more successful at Real Estate Investing than you have been your entire life. He promises to leave no questions unasked. He and his team will be there early and stay late to make sure that all of your needs and concerns are met and addressed. You have John Burley’s “WORD” on that.

You will learn the Specific types of transactions that we use for different types of deals. At the end of this event you will know what to do when and why. You will truly be a “Master of Creative Financing”.

How to Buy and Sell Without the Banks. You will learn Detailed, Specific Systems and Techniques, that will place you far above the competition. The Hottest Tips and How-To’s will be yours to use and Profit. This Model will show you how to immediately find deals that you didn’t even know were there. And then, Pre-Funding ALL of the MONEY in a System and from Sources that most people don’t even know exist. And John will give you all information at the event. In today’s competitive Real Estate Market the ability to find deals and have the money to fund them is Deal Changing.

FACT: In the First Two Weeks of November 2023 (as this goes to print), John and his Team, identified well over 200 properties, here in the Phoenix Market to Make Offers On. Most were 20-30% below the asking price…and more than 50% off the May 2023 Values. This is normal when you know what John knows. Do you want to know where and how to find these types of numbers for yourself?

FACT: Right now, John has been consistently acquiring properties with interest rates from 2.25-4%. These are out there, sub2 and assumptions has a big place in the Creative Real Estate Investors Portfolio. Make sure it is in Yours.

FACT: The Deals ARE OUT THERE, most people just don’t know what they look like, or how to offer on them (to win), or how to make the numbers work. If you do not know how to find all the deals you want (or need), then you need to learn from John, Now.

FACT: Financing, the Interest Rates have shifted, way up. So, the buy price has to shift down. We will teach you how to make all of your deals cash flow with a great rate of return. One of the keys – we look at the macro, but we buy the micro.

You will learn exactly how and where to get all the money you need to fund your deals. Plus…John is reaching deep into his depth of knowledge and will share with you ways to Fund Deals that he has never shared before, including: Zero Percent Interest, 50% or more of payments to principal, Low Interest, No/Low Down, No Qualifying, Owner Finance, plus much, much more…including how to turn mediocre or negative cash flow deals into Positive Cash Flow Right Now!


John Burley’s Real Estate Spring Training will be the Event of the Year. Make 2024 your Best Year Ever. Mark Your Calendar with the April dates that will change your Financial Life Forever!

While learning to hit lots of Singles and Doubles, without striking out, you will also learn to become a “Home Run King or Queen”. You will learn how the best of the best.


Burley Students are Taught to Consistently Find and Fund Real Estate Deals that produce Three Hundred Thousand Dollars plus ($300,000.00+) per deal.

In just the Last Few Years, John Burley has 100’s of Students who have made and Created over a Million Dollars.

This System has Created Tens of Thousands of People who have Made and Created over a Million Dollars.

Combined, Burley Students have made over Ten Billion Dollars.

Is it Time for You to Join Us???

Enthusiasm is contagious…
and John is the master motivator!

That is what John, and his Graduates shoot for, making $300,000.00 per property, on every property. Over, and over, and over. Once you learn the “Game” and how to play it right, you too will become a “HOME RUN KING!!!”

And you will learn how to join our Hall of Fame, if you will, The Century Club, those Members who have taken John’s Perfected Model, applied it for themselves and gone on to have over 100 Properties in Portfolio, producing income.

Winning is Contagious, in sports, in business, and in life. When you come spend time with us at John Burley’s Real Estate Spring Training you will be sitting side-by-side with some of the biggest winners in the Real Estate Investing Business.

You cannot put a price on being in a Winning Environment, for most, it is one of the biggest factors in succeeding and going to the next level.

Now is your time…time to make the move up to becoming a Major League “All-Star” Real Estate Investor. Book your tickets now for this “Double Header of content, emotion, and action. You will be grateful forever.

So, don’t strike out! Make sure to book your tickets now to reserve your seats in the Greatest Real Estate Training in America!!!



John Burley Real Estate Spring Training Special – Both Events

add-cart-button-combo$2,497   $1,797   $1,247

These are Both One Time Only Events
If you miss out, your Competitors, the People who Attended the Events, will be Kicking you in the Rear End for the Rest of the Year!!

In Baseball, “Free Agents” frequently leave the “comfort zone” of where they are, and what they know, to go to a Team where they can get one thing they will never get where they are at. What is that??? A Ring. They want to be a World Champion. And you, like them, must do the same thing. You must leave your “comfort zone”. You need to “step up to the plate” and “go to bat”. You need to book your tickets while they are still available and the special is still going. You need to Kick yourself in the Rear End, before your Competition does!

These Events will be unprecedented. You will learn more at the John Burley Real Estate Spring Training Event than any other event(s) you have ever attended. Strong words, yet true!

These will be High-End, High-Content, with lots of “Arizona Fun” thrown in. You absolutely do not want to miss out on these opportunities!

YES! On April 4th-7th, 2024, in Sunny Phoenix, AZ John Burley is going to be holding the Brand New How to Invest in Real Estate Like Wall ST – Learn to Raise Money, Find & Fund Deals, Run Your Company and Make Big Profits. Plus, the Brand New How to Buy & Sell Real Estate Like a Pro – Creative Finance – Buying & Selling Without the Banks. It will teach you exactly how to put together deals (big or small, or HUGE) in today’s world.

Real Estate Investing has changed a lot over John’s 40+ year career. What is scary is most people are still teaching the same basic, broken model, with a tragically pathetic success rate that they were “hawking” back in the 1970s & 1980s.

In the Education Industry almost nothing has changed. They Sell “Get Rich Quick through Flipping”. Failing to tell the audience that Flipping is by far the RISKIEST of all Real Estate Transactions.

Failing to disclose that more people lose money trying to flip than any other system.

And what is worse, more and more people just keep doing the same thing, that everyone else is doing, over and over. This is a recipe for failure that usually ends in disaster.

John Burley doesn’t do anything like that.

What John Burley Teaches…

John Burley teaches the Private Equity Model that he created, revolutionized and perfected starting back in 1989. It is by far the most successful model out there. It is the basis of how he Founded his Company 35 years ago and then grew it to become one of the Largest Privately Held Private Equity Companies with thousands of Real Estate Transactions Completed. One Man, One Team, One Company. Successful through Good, Bad and Flat Markets for over Thirty-Five Years. Do you think there is something there you can learn from?

What John does is based on what he learned from his years in “The World of Wall St.”, along with his 40+ years as a Real Estate Investor. John is a rarity in the Real Estate Education World. First, he only teaches 3 Public Events a Year. Next, his business is based on a True Business Model, that has not survived, rather THRIVED for all these years.

This is the main difference between what John teaches and what so many others teach. He is teaching you how to own and run a successful Real Estate Investment Business that will thrive for decades, make you rich, and more importantly…Financially Free.

And most importantly, in today’s world, John will show you how you do NOT need an up market, or a stable market to safely and securely make money in Real Estate. He will teach you how to understand and then mitigate and reduce risk. The end game is you can make money, regardless of what the market does…if only you truly know what you are doing.

The Past Teaches us about the Present and the Future…

John is going to take you through the changes that have happened in Real Estate Investing. He will show you how to UP YOUR GAME and MAKE MORE MONEY than ever before. John is an Active Investor; He has Completed THOUSANDS of Personal Real Estate Transactions. He is a Major Player in the Industry. He is out buying and selling RIGHT NOW. He knows exactly what you need to do to make more money and he is going to be providing STRONG EDUCATION at the John Burley Spring Training..

There Are Big Changes in the Works Right Now. The Government, Interest Rates, Regulations, Interest Rates, Prices Falling, Low Inventory, Media “Hype” and “Doom and Gloom.” What do you do? Who do you listen to?

You Need an Expert who has been there and done it. One who has Decades of Experience. Who has Been through Crashes, Booms, Busts, Flat and Regular Markets. And John Burley is that someone. He has completed Thousands of Personal Long-Term Real Estate Transactions. He has raised over Half a Billion Dollars. He and His Investors THRIVED during the LAST THREE MAJOR United States Market Downturns. Not survived, THRIVED.

John entered the last Crash with a Huge Portfolio. After the Smoke Cleared, he Had an Even Larger Portfolio and Had Made Even More Money.

Now is not the time to listen to theory or the new “kids on the block”. Now is the time to listen to the voice of great experience who knows exactly how to navigate in this market.

The Biggest Reason. He teaches Risk Mitigation. He teaches how not to lose, which is the best way to win. He does not believe in taking (Big) risks. He believes in buying as many deals as make sense within the markets, he is in.

In short, John Burley Knows when to Buy and When to Get Out. And today he is Buying, but not just anything. He is VERY SELECTIVE on what he buys. And he has VERY SPECIFIC models that he follows.

How is John Burley’s System So Successful?

EXPERIENCE – John Started back in Real Estate Investing back in 1979. He has extensive Ownership and Selling Experience. With Several Years in “The World of Wall St.”, where he owned his own Brokerage. He looks at the Real Estate Investing Game different than virtually everyone else. He doesn’t see it as Real Estate. Rather he sees it as a Business, with Money the #1 Factor that Determines Success. You need it upfront to start, you need it upfront on every transaction, you need it ongoing every month, and you need it at the back end. This way of looking at the Business of Real Estate Investing Gave and Continues to Give John a Significant Competitive Advantage over just Real Estate Investors. And if you come and learn from him this Huge Advantage will be yours. He became a Full-Time Real Estate Investor back in 1989, over 35 years ago. And he is still active today.

With John you will NOT learn the same old tired ways of hard-money, assigning deals or making offers without money to close. Rather YOU will LEARN how to Have a Company that Gives You FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!!

EXPERIENCE – John has put up the numbers that prove what he does works, and more importantly he has figured out what “not to do” through hard experience. As he tells it, “I have virtually figured out every way not to do this business, that is how I figured out how to do it right.” He took the “blows” and “hard knocks” for you, so you don’t have to. All you have to do is just listen and follow the system.

EXPERIENCE – EXPERIENCE – Over 65,000 Written Offers Made, Thousands of Properties Bought and Held for the Long-Term, Over 600 Million Dollars Raised and Placed.

EXPERIENCE – Invested in 12 States and 2 Foreign Countries. Been Through 4 Major US Down Cycles, and One Overseas. He has seen, experienced and lived through the 4 Market Cycles many, many times. He knows what to do when and his main Mantra is “Don’t Lose Money, EVER.”

EXPERIENCE – Founded a Private Equity Company in 1989 (20 Years ahead of Wall St.) and created an SFH (Single Family Home) For Profit Portfolio that has created returns that are the envy of the industry.

REAL WORLD – John and His Company are Actively Buying and Selling Today. In fact, the last property John Acquired makes over $1,188/month Net Cash Flow. And that is just a Regular Single-Family Home.

REAL WORLD – Decades “Tried and True” Systems Designed to Streamline Everything and Make Your Life Easier.

REAL WORLD – John made the Progression from “Mom and Pop” to “Country Club” to “Institutions”, regarding Raising Money. He knows exactly how to Help You Raise All the Money You Need to Buy as Many Properties as you Want. In 2024, we are paying just 4% Preferred Rate!

John Burley is the Best Real Estate Investor/Educator in the World. His Personal Success and the Success of His Students is the Proof.

STUDENT SUCCESS – John Burley’s System Has Produced more People who have made and created over a Million Dollars than anyone else.

STUDENT SUCCESS – John Burley’s System Has Produced more “Century Club” Members (over 100 properties in portfolio) than anyone else.

STUDENT SUCCESS – John Burley’s System Has Produced more People who have Raised and Placed Institutional Money (Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Family Office, REITs, Trust, Insurance Company, etc.) than anyone else.

STUDENT SUCCESS – We could show these for days, this is one John just received on August 7th. “Hello John. Not sure if you remember me but I attended Burley Boot Camp in 2010 and now I own a company that completes more than 150 transactions per year and holds more than 100 rentals. Thank you so much.” Frank Cava, Coral Springs, FL

FREEDOM – The Burley Model shows you a clear path to Financial Freedom. Not a new job, but Financial Freedom. John was very clear when he began (full-time) in 1989 what he wanted…FREEDOM. Not a new job, not a new career…FREEDOM. And to get that HE KNEW that you had to Create Assets (Real Estate) that Made More Money (Positive Cash Flow) than the expenses. In just over 2 years he had that Freedom. More than any other program, John Burley’s Students consistently get their Financial Freedom.

FREEDOM – They follow the System. Take the appropriate Action (most start part-time), and then 18 months to 3 years they are there…FINANCIAL FREEDOM. With enough monthly income coming in to cover their expenses and lifestyle.

FREEDOM – That is how you get FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Own/Control Enough ASSETS that Provide You with the INCOME you Need to be FREE, FOREVER.

The Secrets of Raising Private Money – How to Raise Money and Get Paid to Place it!

Learn to Raise Money, Find & Fund Deals, Run Your Company and Make Big Money

April 4th-7th, 2024, in Phoenix, AZ

In the First Event, How to Invest in Real Estate Like Wall ST, John is going to teach you how to Make Your Real Estate Business Really Work (so You don’t Have to!).

Whether you are just starting out, have been around for a few years, or are a serious player in the Real Estate Investment Business, you will learn more about the Property Investment Business than ever before.

The Real Estate Secrets and Systems that John has used to successfully run and build his Real Estate Investment Company for the last 40+ years will be shared with you here at this event.

After this event you will understand that what John does is follow a very exact and specific system for all his transactions. It is these systems that have allowed John and his students to have unprecedented success.

You Will Learn:

  • How to Have your own Private Equity Company
  • How to Build a portfolio of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 250 or a 1,000 or more properties
  • The Models used for Quick Cash, Buy & Hold and Quick Cash Transactions that work in 2024
  • Which Deals to do First and as Your Business Grows
  • How to Make the Most Money in 2024
  • The Seven Ways We Monetize and Produce Income on Every Property

John’s Model follows the “True Franchise” Business Model that founded and created companies such as McDonald’s. It is about having a clear plan, with a model that creates 7 types of income, with the systems incorporated to run the plan.

What you need to do is Learn the Model, Follow the Plan, Implement the Systems and reap the benefits.

Plus, you will learn:

How to Fund Your Deals

Here are the answers you have been looking for. You can ask any experienced Investor and they will tell you that the deals are definitely out there. The challenge is finding the money to do the deals, especially the long-term financing.

Bottomline: Money is the Key to More Deals! And we are going to show you how to Get the Money!

At the Spring Training Event you will learn everything you need to know about getting all the money you need to get your deals done, NOW:

  • Preferred Rate – 4% Our Students did over $100 Million at this rate in 2023 and are Continuing this Success in 2024 – 4%
  • Hard Money – Learn what the Pros Pay
  • Soft Money – Low Cost, Easy Terms
  • Conventional – When is it the Best Choice
  • Owner Financing – Let the Seller Finance
  • Get paid up front – Money in Your Hand Now
  • Private Money – The Who, What and How
  • Gap funding – Critical for Getting Deals Done
  • Hedge funds – Institutional Money
  • Family Office – They do More than Funds
  • Heloc – Easy Source
  • Lines of Credit – How to Get Them
  • Zero Interest Money – Yep, 0% Money available to Most
  • Institutional money – They Buy and Lend

HUGE BONUS SESSION – Raising the Big Dollars:

Learn how to raise One Hundred Thousand to over Fifty Million Dollars. John makes this technical and advanced subject easy to understand.

Learn the Money Models and which one
makes the most sense for you!

These tools need to go into your toolbox. You will learn what they are, when to use them and why.

  • LLC, Partnership, JV Model – Most Common
  • Wall Street Model – Upfront and Ongoing Income Streams
  • Fund Model – How they Structure it and why
  • Family Office – How do they fit in
  • 504 – Non-Accredited a Common Use
  • 505 – Sophisticated Investors Welcome
  • 506 – Accredited Investors Friendly
  • Regulation A – New Rules
  • Regulation D
  • Lending Model

The First Step is to get “the concept” behind these different models. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy they are to understand when explained in “plain English” and not “legalese”. Especially when you can actually get your questions answered!

So, John will do that. He will translate everything back to common, regular every day English. No attorney legalese and Big Words to Impress and Confuse You.
And John PROMISES that he will take the time to slowly and plainly answer your questions.

Understand, these are complex strategies that require proper knowledge and understanding. John will share with you the basis for the different strategies. Which one’s are the most popular for most circumstances, and why. And once he is done you will have a much clearer understanding of which model(s) will make the most sense for you.

You will learn more about getting money, from small to big, than you ever imagined. After today, money for deals will never be a problem again. Be prepared to take lots of notes, and have your paradigms about money be blown out of the water.

Bonus: We will have a very frank discussion, with Q & A on:

Your Sphere of Influence – How to Build them into a Powerhouse Network of Investors.

There is a very, very specific method to do this, do you know it?

You will learn:

  • Who to contact
  • How to contact them
  • What to say to them

Super Bonus:

How to talk to Potential Investors in a way that will make them want to put up money to Invest.

Big Hint: If you think it is talking about the deal or the rate of return you could not be farther off the mark.

Most people think getting money is about the deal. It is ABSOLUTELY NOT. That is fifty-year-old thinking. Time to get with the times and understand and learn modern techniques.

I will say this though…

Only 2% of people who do this side of the business are properly trained and really get what it is about. I will share that with you at the John Burley Spring Training Events.

You will have to attend to find this one out!

Super Big Money Bonus:

How to Market and Raise Funds under the New Regulation D and the Regulation A.

You definitely can publicly market specific offerings to Accredited Investors. But, you cannot just market to anyone for anything. There are very specific rules. We will start you on the path and show you what other successful Investors are doing.

These will be an extremely informative session, and we will do our best to keep everyone up to speed!

Super Signing Bonus

Book for the John Burley Spring Training Events and Receive the John Burley Full Contract and Documents Package. This includes, the Private Money Contract Package, Dodd-Frank Compliance Document Package, Creative Financing Complete Buying Package and Creative Financing Complete Remarketing Package. Updates for one year included (Digital) $1,997 Retail Value


Part Two

How to Buy & Sell Real Estate Like a Pro

Creative Financing Buying and Selling Without the Banks

April 4th-7th, 2024, in Phoenix, AZ

At How to Buy & Sell Real Estate Like a Pro – Creative Financing – Buying and Selling Without the Banks John will be teaching the most comprehensive material available on this Advanced Subject. This is broken into detailed modules with time set aside in each session for Q & A and the opportunity to really get into the details of this complex, yet EXTREMELY POWERFUL SYSTEM.


You will learn how to buy and sell as many properties as you want without ever having to “borrow” money from a bank. Just imagine, no credit reports, no fico score, no more qualifying for loans. Just find the deals and buy them!

Cash Flow (John’s absolute favorite).
We will go over why Cash Flow may be the
best investment ever designed (ESPECIALLY

    You will Learn:

  • How to do a “Wrap”
  • Low Down
  • No Money Down
  • EZ Terms
  • No Qualifying
  • The “Cash Flow” Model

With the new laws that went into effect the last few years, it is getting harder and harder for people to get conventional financing. So, more and more people are turning to owner carry to make their deals happen. John will put you on the “Leading Edge” of this Hot Trend.

We will also review any changes, or pending changes from the Federal Government. Some have already gone into effect and it appears we are moving into an era of reduced regulations and an environment more conducive for business. We will update to the minute at the event!

How to Buy without Money or Credit!

Right now, where you are investing, there are deals slipping through your fingers simply because you don’t know what to look for, and if you do know, you don’t know how to do it! John will teach you:

  • How to Find Properties for Little or No Money Down
  • Why these Deals Require No Credit to Buy
  • One Simple Ad to get these deals to come to you
  • How to Make Sure you Find the Right Properties
  • What paperwork, when

Owner Financing 101

A lot of new rules are in place the last few years. Lots of people are sharing the long list of “you can’t” and “not To’s”, all the reasons why Owner Financing won’t work. John will be sharing the list of “You Can” and “How To’s”, and all the reasons why Owner Financing does work.

Here is “Today’s Reality”, there has never, and I mean never been a better time to buy or sell with Owner Financing. All the new regulations have confused people and cluttered the market with disinformation.

  • How we structure Owner Carry Financing
  • Dodd-Frank, how to comply, completely
  • “Wraps”
  • Lease Options
  • Agreement for Sale
  • CFD
  • And Much, Much More

We will clear everything up and show you exactly what works and how to do it. right now.

Control is the Key!

How to control millions of dollars of real estate without personally having to sign for any loans or put up the down payments.

Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not. In fact, it is how a large number of high-end Real Estate Investors built their fortunes, using other people’s money.

“We will spend a great deal of time
showing you How to Go from Zero to Thousands
of Dollars per month Income in Just 90 Days!”

You will learn the definitions and mechanics of all of the following:

  • Sub2
  • Rentals
  • Leases
  • Lease to Own
  • Lease Purchase
  • Lease Option
  • Sandwich Leases
  • Rent to Own
  • Rent to Buy
  • Wrap
  • “Mirror Wrap”
  • CFD
  • Land Contract
  • Contract for Deed
  • Agreement for Sale
  • Existing Financing
  • By Owner Financing
  • Owner Financing
  • Owner Carry

You will learn what each is.
The Plusses and Minuses of Each One.
What are they really.
What to do when, and why.

and… you will learn, which one’s John Burley never uses…

and why…

Warning: This one will probably really, really surprise you!

This is an advanced system whereby we utilize the existing financing in place to take control of as many properties as you want.

All without credit reports, a high credit score, or needing to “tie up” your money in down payments and leave it in the property for the long term.

Before the event is over you will know exactly which techniques you will use, in which instance and why.

It is important that you have this foundation and advanced knowledge so that you can Master this System for Maximum Profits and Safety.

Remember: BOATLOADS of money are pouring into residential REAL ESTATE. And I mean BOATLOADS. Are you getting yours?

In fact, Never Before has so much cash poured into Residential Real Estate…The Game has Changed…Have You?

People in the know (like John) can position themselves to make a killing. And once you know what they (people like John) know you can make a killing to.

How to Find the Deals

We will really take our time on this and do as much Q & A as you want, to make sure you know exactly where to go to get the best deals in your town.

  • Low Cost Marketing to Find Deals that Really Works.
  • The System for Finding Deals.
  • How to Get Deals to Come to You.
  • The Right Way to Network for Deals.
  • Rentals – For many these are very much in vogue. Low Prices, Low Existing Finance Interest Rates, Low Monthly Payments, Low Down Payments are all VERY GREAT THINGS. And when paired with Positive Growth in Property Values, Increasing Rental Income and High Demand for Rental Properties THEY ARE AMAZING!
  • Quick Cash Deals – Lots of money to be made here, we will focus on how to find them, fund them, and flip them, FAST!
  • Flips and Rehabs – Know the Pitfalls and the Profit Centers to Maximize your Profits.
  • Wholesaling for Quick Profits – Learn one really easy, simple way to do this and you can be popping checks into your bank account right away.
  • Cash Flow – We will talk about all the ways we find these deals and why they are one of my favorites.

The main thing you need to know is that you will leave knowing how to find the good deals and take them down!




So, are you ready to Get into the Game? Do you want to Learn How to go from the Minors to becoming an All-Star in the Major Leagues? Are you ready to “Step up to the Plate” and “Start Getting Hits”?

The John Burley Real Estate Spring Training is a Must Make Game! Book Your Tickets Now!

John Burley Real Estate Spring Training – Both Events

add-cart-button-combo$2,497   $1,797   $1,247

  • Had enough of theory and general real estate investing concepts?
  • Ready for real “meat and potatoes”, how-to type of information?
  • The John Burley Real Estate Spring Training” is going to be absolutely packed with content!

There’s so much more that we’ll be covering at these two powerful, content-filled events. What is most important for you to know is that:

NOTHING will be held back… all the distinctions I’ve made, what’s working now in this market, and exactly HOW to do it. Not just what to do.

PLUS, We are Including the following Bonus Sessions:

  • The “Cash Flow” House Model – Without question the NUMBER ONE way to show a deal! Do you know it? Do you know how to draw it? Can you explain it? What about the calculations? How to answer questions on it? We will go over it, until you got it, “DOWN COLD”.
  • PLUS, Much, Much More, a very special Guest Speaker, and more!

John Burley Real Estate Spring Training – Both Events

add-cart-button-combo$2,497   $1,797   $1,247

(By the way, very, very few outside of my High-End Burley Black Card members have ever heard this information …)

Now, you may be asking: John, how do you beat the competition out on so many deals? And not just you, I see your “Burley Graduates” out there getting deals like no one else. Are you guys drinking different water than the rest of us?

YES, we definitely are drinking from a different glass, so to speak.


not-successYou don’t get successful doing what everyone else does, you become successful doing what those in the know are doing. And I am one of the one’s in the know. You see, I have been doing this for over three decades. I have been through several markets: Up markets, down markets, flat markets, and recovering markets.

The John Burley Real Estate Spring Training Events are filling up fast. Are you in? Are you ready to come join us?

We have made our case on why you should come to these events…now it is up to you.

Click the Link, Get yourself booked in and be ready to receive more value than you have ever received before.


From the Desk of John Burley

I’ll be right upfront on this. I see a lot of false information and a lot of complaining by people who are either trying to hustle a quick buck or simply do not really understand what is going on in the Real Estate Investment Market today.

I have been around a long time. I know what you, the Real Estate Investor, need to know to be successful TODAY:

1 – How to find deals (especially for low prices with little or no competition)

2 – How to have access to the money to do the deals

3 – The best and safest way to remarket those deals for a profit.

I can absolutely and unequivocally tell you that once you understand what is going on, and know exactly what to do, you will ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Real Estate Market that we are in.

I am going to show you exactly how myself and my students, across the country are massively profiting from the current market, and more importantly, how you can get rich too!


At this event we are going to hold nothing back, we are going to let you know from an insider’s view exactly what is going on and exactly how you can profit.

No sensationalism, no the “sky is falling”, no the “Great Boom” is upon us and get in now at any price stuff.

Just the straight up truth.

Great Investors don’t follow the herd and the ignorant masses, they learn the truth, that is what makes them rich
~ John R. Burley

The Opportunities available right now are amazing. Still tons of great deals out there and money is just pouring in, begging to be placed and put to work.

Anyone who thinks Real Estate Investing is hard right now just doesn’t get it. They quite simply just don’t know what they are doing. They just don’t understand what is going on:

They just don’t get it!

So, anyone who tells you, or is saying that it is hard right now, in my frank professional opinion simply does not understand what is going on, and how to profit from it. And this is not a short-term thing, this is long-term. These are the Real Estate Markets that we will be dealing with for the next several years, so you better figure out how to “tweak things” so that you can make money in Residential Real Estate Today and in the Future.

So, as I see it, today’s Real Estate Investor has two choices…learn “How to do it the Right Way, Today”, or Go Away!

This is not a theory situation, this is not about hypotheticals. This is about you learning how to up your game so that you can compete and win in a HUGE ARENA where there are MILLIONS of DOLLARS to be made.

John Burley Real Estate Spring Training Special

add-cart-button-combo$2,497   $1,797   $1,247



John Burley’s Real Estate Spring Training Events are designed for all Levels of Real Estate Investor.

This event is for everyone, experienced or not, who is willing to Grab a hold of the Content and “Go to Bat”.


John has taught more High-End “True” Success Stories than anyone else. He literally (just in Phoenix over the last few years), has taught SEVERAL HUNDRED people who have all created and made over ONE MILLION DOLLARS. That is SEVERAL HUNDRED people who have all created and made over ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

Yes, he has Superstars who have hundreds of properties, who have made tens of millions of dollars, some even hundreds of millions of dollars. That would be great, but imagine you being, just one of Hundreds of People who makes the MILLION DOLLAR MARK.

What you need to understand is that those numbers are real, and totally doable, and are “truly” just regular numbers for people who are properly taught and apply what John teaches.

Oh, the even Better News, most of those HUNDREDS of people (in Phoenix area alone) made and created that more than ONE MILLION DOLLARS…in just a few short years of PART-TIME Real Estate Investing.

New(er) Investor

newFor many, new is better. If you are new you don’t have a lot of bad habits and “false” information you are holding on to, you are a fresh slate and we will set you up for victory. We will go at a pace that allows all to follow along and myself and my Team will be there to assist you and hold your hand.

  • John will provide all the necessary, EXACT specifics that you need to get started in a very safe way.
  • He will show you EXACTLY how to find the deals you want and get the money you need to do deals and get paid upfront $10,000 per door, to do them.
  • John and his entire team will listen to your questions and answer them for you, introducing you to fellow students who started just a short time ago and are now doing deals and making money.
  • John believes in having the “real people” there for you to talk to and ask questions about their success and what John taught them. You will meet many “Burley Century Club” Members.
  • John and his team will give you the knowledge you need to have the confidence to go and do it!

Intermediate Investor

Real-Estate-InvestmentIf you are searching for something better, we are it. If you are looking to grow and expand your business, this event will give it to you. If you need more tools, we have them. In fairness, we will most likely stretch you, because much of what John teaches and does works so well because everyone else does not do it. He is not a “flavor of the month” guy. He does not chase markets and he does not do the same thing over and over again even if it is not working.

You got started – the hardest step for most – you’ve done some deals, now let John provide you with the tools you need to get to the next level. Learn to adapt, to innovate, to properly use the tools that best fix the market you are in now. You will learn to become an Advanced Investor.

Advanced Investor

advanceIf you are “Truly” an Advanced Investor then you may not ever even read this…because you already booked into one of the limited seats available!

John Burley is the Master. He has done and does more than anyone else. His students have the highest success rate in the business, by far. He has more people in the “Century Club” (one hundred plus positive cash flow properties in portfolio) than anyone else. This training will help you get to the next level. It will show you deals you have been missing and give you new perceptions on how the markets work, and how you can benefit.

Book in while there are still seats available.

Psychology & Emotions

EmotionsI am a HUGE Believer that we get (or don’t get) what we want primarily based on our own beliefs, psychology & emotions.

At this event we will show you why you are getting what you are getting and if it is not what you want then we will show you how to “tweak it” for success.

Plus, we will teach you how to understand where your Buyer’s and Sellers, Residents and Capital Investors are at (psychologically & emotionally) so you can best serve them and complete far more transactions.

Suffice it to say, you will learn much, much more about this at the event!

Plus… You also get to bring one partner FOR FREE…

John Burley Real Estate Spring Training Special

add-cart-button-combo$2,497   $1,797   $1,247

As you can see, we are INCREDIBLY EXCITED about the upcoming event. Advanced Ticket Sales have been tremendously strong with a large number already booked in. People in our high-end Programs are confirming their seats. We are doing these events in conjunction with AZREIA (Arizona Real Estate Investors Association, the Largest RE Association in America), and to meet their demand, we have had to set aside a large number of the available seats. The end result, there will simply not be enough seats to go around. This event will fill up fast. To assure you get in (the last event we had to turn people away), make sure to book your seat for either or both events (big savings if you book into both) Right Away!

I urge you to book now so that you don’t miss out on all the benefits you will gain from The John Burley Spring Training Events.

The John Burley Spring Training is April 4th-7th, 2024 in Beautiful, Sunny, Phoenix, AZ, where you can expect temperatures in the mid-60s to low-80s, with lots of sunshine!


If you have not booked your ticket(s) yet, STOP!

Stop listening to the (broke) masses and people who are not doing deals. Stop Self-Sabotaging. Stop letting opportunity pass you by. Just, Stop It. This Event is and Incredible Opportunity for you at a Very Favorable Price.

The event will give you access to a “Secret Weapon”, John Burley is that Secret Weapon!

Join us, and Learn how to get the things you need like:

  • Safety & Financial Security
  • Immediate Income
  • Cash Flow
  • Security
  • Money
  • Freedom
  • Equity

And how to get the things you want, like:

  • Early Retirement
  • Vacations
  • College Educations
  • Cars
  • Beautiful Homes
  • Money In The Bank

John has had the honor and privilege of working with millions of students from all around the world.

He is an International #1 Best-Selling Author, with over a Million Copies!!!

He is a consummate professional with a thriving Private Equity Company you can model. Now is the time for you to make HIM, YOUR Mentor.


In addition to John, you get to hang out with “Burley Legacy”. Graduates who are TRUE players in the world of Real Estate Investing…

Your association with these successful people alone is invaluable. And they are there, literally rubbing shoulders with you, sharing their knowledge and experiences helping you become a “player”.

WARNING: What this event is not. This is NOT a product fest, infomercial event. There will not be speaker after speaker “selling” you the greatest thing since “sliced bread”.

This is NOT a canned Power Point Presentation. The entire event will be custom tailored for the specific needs (and questions) of the students.

There will not be fabrications, exaggerations, misleading or ridiculous promises for products offered that will magically make you rich, sexy, thin and loved by all, with a hot car, instantly, while you do nothing.

If you want that, delete yourself from John’s emails and events. We don’t do that, never have, never will.


Because life doesn’t work that way and we really don’t want to work with people that have bought into this lie.

You CAN DEFINITELY get rich from what John teaches. However, (and here is the FOUR-LETTER WORD), it will take WORK.

This is a SERIOUS Education Event.

So, the clock is ticking, seats are filling up. Are you going to get in before they are gone?


Graduate Q & A – This is Super Amazing!!!

We have scheduled a special time, where you can meet and ask as many questions as you want with several John Burley Successful Graduates.

They are Graduates of events like this, the Burley Boot Camp and the Burley Black Card Program and are EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL. However, they are not “speakers”, they do not have any audio programs to sell. They will be at the event as John’s Guest to SERVE YOU. They will be available to answer your questions and give you the perspective of the student, rather than the teacher. They will share with you what they do that is working and what does not work. Plus, they will be available the entire event to ask your questions and help you move to the next level!

But enough on that, we will “SAVE IT” for the Event!!!

Plus… You also get to bring one partner FOR FREE…

John Burley Real Estate Spring Training Special

add-cart-button-combo$2,497   $1,797   $1,247

As I am sure you can imagine, we are INCREDIBLY EXCITED about these upcoming event(s), so our John’s students! This event is filling up fast. We have already pre-booked a large number of the available seats.

I urge you to book now so that you don’t miss out on all the benefits you will gain from the John Burley “Real Estate Spring Training” with All New 4-Day Event. How to Invest in Real Estate Like Wall ST to be held on April and How to Buy & Sell Real Estate Like a Pro on April. In warm and sunny Phoenix, AZ.

Thank You and God Bless,

John R. Burley, Founder & CEO
Burley & Associates, Inc.

PS The weather in Phoenix, AZ in the spring is Amazing. That is why we have all the “Snowbirds”, people who leave the mid-west and the north and come and live in Phoenix for the spring. So, remember to bring your shorts!

PSS This is a full-on 4-Day Event. This will be Premier Education and Networking Opportunities.

Super Bonus… Remember, you also get to bring partner FOR FREE… So that’s two seats for the price of one!!! So, Book Early and Save.


John Burley Real Estate Spring Training Special – Both Events

add-cart-button-combo$2,497   $1,797   $1,247

Hotel Information

Drury Inn & Suites Phoenix Happy Valley

2335 W. Pinnacle Peak Road, Phoenix, AZ 85027, United States

Please make your reservations by Saturday, March 2, 2024 to receive your group rate. Reservations made after this date will be subject to prevailing rates and availability. Reservations may also be made by calling 1-800-325-0720 and referring to your group number 10090582.

The hotel booking Link: Click Here

The hotel Information: Click Here for more info

John Burley Real Estate Spring Training Special– Both Events

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