John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Training 2024


Bring all your questions and John Burley will provide you with “Rock Solid Answers”. This Event will focus on Solutions to your Real Estate Challenges. Your Personal Needs will be met, and you will leave with the tools you need to successfully Invest in today’s market. This event can Make You Rich. It is Going to be Great.

John Burley – John started out selling fruit door to door at the age of 6. From there he mastered his craft and went on to become one of the top salesmen in the world. With over 50 years of experience and over One Billion in Sales and Money Raised, he has proven himself as the “Go To” authority. In 1989, John became the Founder & CEO of the First, For Profit, Private Equity,
SFH Company in America. He is the leader, and his Company is the benchmark in the industry. With thousands of Property Transactions and hundreds of millions of dollars raised and placed, he can teach you exactly what you need to know to succeed today, right now.

John Burley looks at the Real Estate Investment Business differently than anyone you will ever meet. It is a business and it needs to be run like one. And it takes money, lots of money to do it right. And John will teach you EXACTLY how to get that money. Just in Phoenix alone there are thousands of people who made and created over a million dollars because of John’s teachings. Don’t you want to join them?

YES! This is your opportunity to learn from John.  On September 20th-22nd 2024 in Sunny Phoenix, AZ John is going to be holding the Annual John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Training. He will teach you exactly how to put together deals (Big, Small, or HUGE) in today’s world. Each year John carefully updates the content to give you EXACTLY what you need to succeed today!

The John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Training is here and ready for you.

This event will be packed with High-End Content, with lots of Fun thrown in. It is an event that you absolutely don’t want to miss!

You Can Create and Make a Million Dollars
Attend the John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Training and set yourself up for Amazing Breakthrough. With this event, you will really Break Out and Truly make your Real Estate Investment Dreams Come True!


You also get a 2nd seat included with your ticket. So, Book Early and Save.

The Time for Action is Now!

John is Going to focus on TEN Major Points –

  1. RISING INTEREST RATES AND HOW TO PROFIT FROM THEM. They are most likely going to continue to go up before they come down. Learn how you can make this a positive and not a negative. And get real, waiting for interest rates to go down is NOT a successful strategy. You need John to teach you how to make it work today, now, for real.
  2. HOW TO TAKE CONTROL OF EXISTING LOW-INTEREST LOANS (SUBJECT 2, MIRROR WRAP, OPTIONS) AND REMAIN IN COMPLIANCE WITH ALL THE NEW 2024 RULES. So much of what is taught on this subject is 20-30 years behind the times, rules, guidelines and regulations. Learn how to have this one down perfect, because lots of these opportunities are starting to come up.
  3. HOW TO BE PREPARED FOR THE NEXT MARKET SHIFT (CONTINUING UP, HOLDING, DOWNTURN, “BUBBLE CRASH”). John has done them all and he will show you to make money regardless of what the future brings. You need to know how to profit no matter what the market does. Did you know that MOST of the money is made when the market is up and not down? Come learn why.
  4. RENTS – HOW TO POSITION YOURSELF FOR MAXIMUM INCOME ON EXISTING AND NEW PROPERTIES. We will show you why our residents are happy their rents went up. Most landlords are leaving HUGE amounts of income on the table while renting out their properties for 20-50% below market. We will help you FIX this. Many of our students just got the income stream in line and were able to leave their traditional job without buying any new properties!
  5. WHY PRICE IS OFTEN THE LEAST IMPORTANT FACTOR WHEN BUYING REAL ESTATE. For most investors this is the hardest thing for them to process. People are so “stuck” on the price, they miss out on the return.
  6. HOW YOU CAN USE THE “BURLEY MODEL” TO PRODUCE RECORD RETURNS. John will teach you the “Burley Matrix” and show you how to make 35-70% annual rates of return on every property you invest in. Even if you pay full price!!!
  7. WHY MONEY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN REAL ESTATE, AND EXACTLY HOW TO GET IT. Game Changer, Mic Drop, Blown Away. This is what you will have once you understand what the game is really all about. Only 2% of professional investors get it (that is why there is so much panic in the market, most don’t even understand what they don’t know). With John, you can join the Top 2%.
  8. HOW TO FIND GREAT DEALS, ESPECIALLY WITH ALL THE COMPETITION. The deals are there, you just need to understand how and where to find them. Then, most importantly know how to get them!
  9. KNOW YOUR BEST STRATEGY – QUICK CASH, BUY & HOLD, CASH FLOW. We will cover the good, the bad, and the ugly of all the strategies. They all have their place; they all make money. Some make more money, with less risk, depending on the market.
  10. THE ELECTION. How Much Impact will the Election have on Real Estate. They threaten, fear monger and then promise the world. But how much impact will either party actually have on you, and your Investments? We will go over it in detail.

John is going to take you through the changes that have happened in Real Estate Investing. He will show you how to UP YOUR GAME and MAKE MORE MONEY than ever before. John is an Active Investor, He has Completed Thousands of Personal Real Estate Transactions. He is a Major Player in the Industry. He is out buying and selling RIGHT NOW. He knows exactly what you need to do to make more money and he is going to be providing STRONG EDUCATION at the John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Training.

There Are Big Changes in the Works Right Now. The Government, The Election, CDC, Anti-Landlord Sentiment, Legislation and Rules, Interest Rates, Regulations, Prices Rising, Housing Shortage, Skyrocketing Rents, Media “Hype” and “Doom and Gloom.” What do you do? Who do you listen to? Is it time for you to add clarity for all of this?

You Need an Expert who has been there and done it. One who has Decades of Experience. Who has Been through Crashes, Booms, Busts, Flat and Regular Markets. And John Burley is that someone. He has personally completed thousands of Long-Term Real Estate Transactions. He has raised well over Half a Billion Dollars. He and His Investors THRIVED during the LAST THREE MAJOR US Market Downturns. Not just survived, THRIVED.

John entered the last Crash with a Huge Portfolio. After the Smoke Cleared he Had an Even Larger Portfolio and Had Made Even More Money.

The Biggest Reason. He teaches Risk Mitigation. He teaches how not to lose, which is the best way to win. He does not believe in taking (Big) risks. He believes in buying as many deals as make sense within the markets he is in.

In short, John Burley Knows when to Buy and When to Get Out. And today he is Buying, but not just anything. He is VERY SELECTIVE on what he buys. And he has VERY SPECIFIC models that he follows.

How is John Burley’s System is so Successful:

EXPERIENCE – John Started back in Real Estate Investing back in 1979. He has extensive Ownership and Selling Experience. With Several Years in “The World of Wall St.”, where he owned his own Brokerage. He looks at the Real Estate Investing Game differently than virtually everyone else. He doesn’t see it as Real Estate. Rather he sees it as a Business, with Money the #1 Factor that Determines Success. You need it upfront to start, you need it upfront on every transaction, you need it ongoing every month, and you need it at the back end. This way of looking at the Business of Real Estate Investing Gave and Continues to Give John and HIS STUDENTS a Significant Competitive Advantage over just Real Estate Investors. And if you come and learn from him this Huge Advantage will be yours. He became a Full-Time Real Estate Investor back in 1989, over 40 years ago. And he is still very active today.

With John you will not learn the same old tired ways of hard money, assigning deals or making offers without money to close (now banned in some jurisdictions). Rather YOU will LEARN how to Have a Company that Gives You FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!!

EXPERIENCE – John has put up the numbers that prove what he does works, and more importantly he has figured out what “not to do” through hard experience. As he tells it, “I have virtually figured out every way not to do this business, that is how I figured out how to do it right.” He took the “blows” and “hard knocks” for you, so you don’t have to. All you have to do is just listen and follow the system.

EXPERIENCE – Over 68,000 Written Offers Made, Thousands of Properties Bought and Held for the Long-Term, over 600 Million Dollars Raised and Placed

EXPERIENCE – Invested in 12 States and 2 Foreign Countries. Been Through 4 Major US Down Cycles, and One Overseas. He has seen, experienced and lived through the 4 Market Cycles many, many times. He knows what to do and when. His main Mantra is “Don’t Lose Money, EVER.”

EXPERIENCE – Founder and CEO, of a Private Equity Company in 1989 (20 Years ahead of Wall St.) and created an SFH (Single Family Home) Portfolio that has created returns that are the envy of the industry.

REAL WORLD – John and His Company are Actively Buying and Selling Today. In fact, the last property John Acquired makes over $1,308.22/month Cash Flow. And that is just a Regular Single-Family Home. This was a “sweet” subjec2 Transaction.

REAL WORLD – He just acquired another property with over $380,000 in Equity.

REAL WORLD – Decades “Tried and True” Systems Designed to Streamline Everything and Make Your Life Easier.

REAL WORLD – John made the Progression from “Mom and Pop” to “Country Club” to Institutions, on his Path to Raising Money. He knows exactly how to Help You Raise All the Money You Need to Buy as Many Properties as you Want. Starting right where you are.

STUDENT SUCCESS – John Burley’s System Has Produced more People who have made and created over a Million Dollars than anyone else.

STUDENT SUCCESS – John Burley’s System Has Produced more “Century Club” Members (over 100 properties in portfolio) than anyone else.

STUDENT SUCCESS – John Burley’s System Has Produced more People who have Raised and Placed Institutional Money (Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Family Office, REITs, Trust, Insurance Company, etc.) than anyone else.

STUDENT SUCCESS – We could show these for days; this is one John just received on August 7th. “Hello John. Not sure if you remember me but I attended Burley Boot Camp in 2010 and now I own a company that completes more than 150 transactions per year and holds more than 100 rentals. Thank you so much.” Frank Cava, Coral Springs, FL

FREEDOM – The Burley Model shows you a clear path to Financial Freedom. Not a new job, but Financial Freedom. John was very clear when he began (full-time) in 1989 what he wanted…FREEDOM. Not a new job, not a new career…FREEDOM. And to get that HE KNEW that you had to Create Assets (Real Estate) that Made More Money (Positive Cash Flow) than the expenses. In just over 2 years he had that Lifetime Financial Freedom. More than any other program, John Burley’s Students consistently get their Financial Freedom.

They follow the System. Take the appropriate Action (most start part-time), and then 18 months to 3 years they are there…FINANCIAL FREEDOM. With enough monthly income coming in to cover their expenses and lifestyle.

And that is how you get FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Own/Control Enough ASSETS that Provide You with the INCOME you Need to be FREE.

Here is More of What John will Be Covering for You at the John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Training

Keep these highlights and larger font in blue like summer camp copy, I have modified for this event so look at all as new please. For all below.

1How to Make Money No Matter What the Market Does. Let’s Get Right to it. A lot of Emotions in the Market Right Now. Fear, Exuberance, and more Fear. So, what is the Market Going to Do? “Bubble Crash”? Downturn? Sideways? Keep Going Up? Lots of people are predicting lots of different possibilities, from “scorched earth” to “it will go up forever”. The Truth is no one knows for sure. The Key is to have a Strategy for all possible Market Conditions. John will go over in Great Detail, exactly where the market is today, and the possible changes upcoming. And then, most importantly how to not just survive, but rather thrive. After all, it doesn’t do you much good to predict a Market Shift if you don’t have a strategy that works in that Market.

John has been doing this for over forty years. Booms, Busts, low interest rates, high interest rates and everything in between. One needs to be prepared before the Market Shifts, not after. John will show you how to position yourself to take advantage of the Real Estate Market we are in NOW and in the FUTURE.

So, no predictions (without accountability). Just Rock-Solid Strategies that will deal with:

  1. Rising Interest Rates
  2. Inflation and Rising Prices
  3. Rent Increases
  4. Real Estate Downturn/Crash
  5. Sideways Market
  6. High Appreciation
  7. Low Supply and High Competition.

Learn how to position yourself to make money, regardless of what the market does. This is what high-end professionals do. They don’t complain about the market, they seek to understand it and profit from the market shits.

Lots of Investors.
Investors Big and Small, including major Wall Street Companies are Buying Up America…and are making a killing. We are currently talking with and working with several Family Offices, the people who like to open with Ten to Twenty Million Dollar Placements and then go up from there. The Markets are Strong with Lots of Upside. Increased Prices, Record High Rents, and Moderate Interest Rates make for a Perfect Trifecta for the Real Estate Investor in the Know. You just need to know two major things:

  1. How to outsmart, outthink and out maneuver the competition;
  2. How to understand, “It is NOT the Price, Not the Interest Rate, RATHER the Return.



2Your Money and Credit is no longer NEEDED. You do NOT need your own money or (good) credit to do Real Estate Deals. There is Tons of Money (and we mean TONS of MONEY) Available (if you know how and where to get it) to invest with, and that is a HUGE POSITIVE. At the Event you will meet with John and dozens of John Burley Students who will tell you there has never been an easier time to get money for deals (of course only if you are trained and KNOW EXACTLY what to say, when to say it, how to say it, and to whom you say it)!!! You will learn how, in just the last couple of months we have had many students do their first deal. Some of them doing multiple deals right out of the gate, all without their own money. We have had others that are already pushing 5, 10, 20 deals already this year. Just like you, they had to learn the right way to do it. And we mean NOW, in 2024, for real, in today’s market. At John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Summer Camp, you will have the opportunity to update your skills and match all of your systems and approaches to what is working right now. in 2024.



3“The Government vs. Real Estate Investors” Anti-Wholesale Legislation. Licensing Requirements. Anti-Landlord Legislation. Rent Control. Anti-Seller Financing Legislation. Landlord Inspections. Non-Discrimination of Funds. Removal of Capital Gains Tax Benefits (just CA so far). Banning Landlords from selling their properties (a law on the books in CA since 1985). Increased Taxes for Property Investors (yep CA again, they are pushing through a 25% tax on all sales within 3 years). All of this is coming to all of us in some form or another. The Current DC and Many States Plan is to blame us for all the housing problems and make us pay more and receive less to fix it. Unfortunately, all too normal, Government Thinking.

We will show you how to best navigate within this current environment. Best Practices to stay on the right side of the law. And specific strategies and techniques to work with, around and through the Anti-Real Estate Investor world that we live in today.

But there is some good news. The Tax Acts of 2018-9 are on the books and are a Veritable Bonanza for Real Estate Investors. Did you know you can now take a first-year deduction of 10-20% of the purchase price (if you know the Rules), even on used houses? And that 20% of your income (your highest bracket) can be EXEMPT from Taxes (if you set your business properly)! Plus, the Dodd-Frank Act, which oversees owner financing. We will provide Huge Clarification on how to comply fully. Plus, we will do a “real time” update on legislation being proposed and implemented – rent control, landlord inspections, lending rules and show you how to work within them.



4Interest Rates and Inflation. As Interest Rates continue to head up, margins will tighten significantly for Investors and Homeowners who are using financing. This can actually be a good thing for those that fully understand and implement the “Burley Model. First, it should lead to a small tightening on price increases. Sorry, in most areas it will only slow down the appreciation, not stop it or send it down. However, there will definitely be less competition for on market properties.

Inflation will keep sending rents higher. For many areas rents are just now hitting where they should have been. In many, many areas landlords had not even come close to keeping up with inflation for the last 20 years. Here in AZ, I can easily see an 18-24% rent increase in “Class B” neighborhoods over the next 24-30 months (it went up 26% in the last year, with lots more increases coming). This will most likely then return to inflation type levels of 4-8% per year. Why will it keep going up? Supply and Demand, Supply and Demand. For renters and those seeking owner financing the supply shortage is even greater than those that are trying to buy outright.

Hot Tip: In many areas FHA/VA offers are virtually irrelevant. Because of factual appraisal issues and perceived lower quality buyer many sellers will not even consider them. Why not seek out these buyers, offer them a lease option or Dodd-Frank compliant owner financing deal. They can own today and then cash you out when the property will appraise for your price. We have high-end graduates doing this in states like CA, OR and WA.

Bottomline: The increase in rents is offsetting the increased debt-service costs. For some of us, we are actually making higher returns now, than we did before the interest rate increases! Remember, it is the RETURN, not the PRICE, nor the INTEREST RATE.



5Owner Financing, Subject To’s and ASSUMPTIONS. Never has there been a better time to do Owner Financing. We are actively Buying and Selling with Owner Financing. What we do (and teach) is filling a huge “Hole” in the market. There is a HUGE NEED for financing (so many people locked out of owning because of government and bank policies) and we are providing it. Zig Ziglar always got this right, “Help enough other people get what they want, and you will get everything you want.” Plus, so many sellers are looking for an option that is better than paying a bunch of taxes and then putting the left-over profits into low intererest CD type investments. Selling to you on Owner Carry is the answer they are looking for! We will teach you the In’s and Outs of “both sides of the fence” on these easy to do and highly profitable techniques.

***ASSUMPTIONS – A New 2024 Strategy that we have implemented is ASSUMING with Full Qualifying existing loans in the 2.25-4.5% Range. We have even negotiated and bought off MLS, using a realtor. Having the ability to Assume these loans is giving us a HUGE Competitive Advantage over those who only know how to do Subject To.



6Earn 35-70% Rate of Return, Today. That is not a typo. John will show you a detailed Matrix showing how a regular house, in a regular neighborhood can make 35-70% per year. That is not a typo and that is not hype. John will walk you through step-by-step and show you exactly how the “Burley Model” consistently makes those types of returns while providing home ownership for families. This is without question, the safest, most secure, highest rate of return out there.

Fully proven. Decades of performance. Available to you now…

John Burley and his Graduates are doing these deals, right now, in 2024. These are real numbers that work in the market right now. Yes, right now, even with interest rates going up and prices going up. The question is not if the “Burley Model” works. The question is do you understand it and are you working it?



7Buy & Hold, Flipping, Cash Flow. John is going to cover it all. He is an Active Real Estate Investor and he is going to show you some really cool systems that can Super Charge your Results, NOW!!! And that is why the John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Summer Camp is here. To provide you with all the current information and details you need to succeed right now, in today’s market, right where you invest! Straight UP – The Rules to the Real Estate Investing Game Have Changed and You Need to come to the John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Summer Camp to make sure you have everything covered for Big Profits Now!



Bonus Session #1

7HOW TO TAKE CONTROL OF EXISTING LOW-INTEREST LOANS (SUBJECT 2, MIRROR WRAP, OPTIONS) AND REMAIN IN COMPLIANCE WITH 2024 RULES. So much of what is taught on this subject is 20-30 years behind the times, rules, guidelines and regulations. Learn how to have this one down perfect, because lots of these opportunities are starting to come up.

Absolutely one of the best techniques available in today’s market, especially as we move forward. With wild appreciation phasing out, lots of sellers are stuck on a price that does not match the market or their existing debt. In plain English, they want too much for their property or they owe too much. Many, from the past few years cannot even cover the costs of selling (commissions and closing costs which are about 9%) to just “walk away” (and this number is increasing every day). Many of these people would absolutely LOVE to have you take their property problems away! However, these are very technical and complex transactions. You need to know how to “dot the i’s and cross the t’s”. Little screw ups on the little things can cost you big-time. They say, “the Devil is in the details”, well he is if you do not CLEARLY and ABSOLUTELY know what you are doing. John does, and he will make sure you do too! One of John’s Students has done over 26 of these transactions in the last year! Want to Learn Exactly how he did it? Great! He will be there to show you!!!


Bonus Session #2

7Where to Find the Deals. John practices and teaches, to buy “the low hanging fruit”, to “cherry pick”, to “go where everyone else isn’t”. And that has never been truer than today. Today, the successful Real Estate Investor is not buying off the same, old, tired lists that everyone is on. They are not buying off “wholesaler” (LOL) websites. They are not overbidding at auctions. They are not buying at retail, to only have to then still fix up (spend too much). No, they are only buying on MLS when it makes sense. But, about 75% of the time they are buying off MLS. They are going where everyone else is not. One couple used this technique to make over $1,200,000.00 in profits last year. John has identified over 100 places to go and find deals. He will update you on where these are and show you what is working best today. So much new stuff to learn. That is why the John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Training is here. To provide you with all the current information and details you need to succeed right now, in today’s market, right where you invest! Straight UP – The Rules to the Real Estate Investing Game Have Changed and You Need to come to the John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Training to make sure you have everything covered for Big Profits Now!


The Easiest Way to Succeed is Really Simple

Look this is really simple. The easiest way to succeed in anything is to find someone who is the best (like John) at what they do (Real Estate) and then simply model and copy them. If it already works (for John and his Huge Group of Graduates) then it will work for you too. Just learn exactly what they are doing and do the same thing. It really is the simplest and easiest way to succeed.





You also get a 2nd seat included with your ticket. So, Book Early and Save.

A Lot of Really Successful Real Estate Investors and “Burley Century Club Members” (Burley Students with over 100 Properties in Portfolio) are coming to the John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Training. Why not you?

This will be a hard hitting, straight up, real world, no nonsense training. John will teach you what really works and what doesn’t in Today’s Market. You will also receive these Bonus Sessions:

  • An in-depth session on the different Niches of Real Estate Investing. This will give you the FULL CLARITY you need to make sure you are doing the right thing, with the right property.
  • Over One Hundred of the best places (sources) to find property in today’s market. And the best one’s are “hidden” and “off market”. We will show you exactly where they are and how to get them. Plus, we will really take are time on this and do as much Q & A as you want, to make sure you know exactly where to go to get the best deals in your town.
  • Rentals – For many these are very popular right now. Although Prices are High, Low Prices, Moderate Interest Rates, Low Monthly Payments, and HIGH Rents are all VERY GREAT THINGS that can flip the scales in your favor. And when paired with Positive Growth in Property Values, Increasing Rental Income and High Demand for Rental Properties THEY ARE AMAZING!
  • Quick Cash Deals – Lots of money to be made here, we will focus on how to find them, fund them, and flip them, FAST!
  • Clear Understanding on why most “Quick Cash” Models no longer work, and how to avoid getting caught in the trap of trying to make a broken model work in an up market.
  • Flips and Rehabs – Know the Pitfalls and the Profit Centers to Maximize your Profits.
  • Assignments – What works and doesn’t work today. These can be very profitable, but you need to know how to navigate your way through the waters on them. And we have a HUGE SECRET that will show you how to assign virtually every deal, even the “Non-Assignable” One’s!
  • Cash Flow (John’s absolute all-time favorite) – We will go over why Cash Flow may be the best investment ever designed (ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU GET PAID $10,000 UPFRONT TO DO IT!).

There’s so much more that we’ll be covering over these three powerful, content-filled days. What is most important for you to know is that:

NOTHING will be held back… all the distinctions John has made, what’s working now in this market, and exactly HOW to do it. Not just what to do.

PLUS, We are Including the following Bonus Sessions:

  • How to “FIND the DEALS” – This is the biggest issue most people are facing now, I will show you how to find the deals, for real, in your area, in today’s market.
  • The “Cash Flow” House Model – Without question the NUMBER ONE way to show a deal! Do you know it? Do you know how to draw it? Can you explain it? What about the calculations? How to answer questions on it? We will go over it, until you got it, “DOWN COLD”.
  • PLUS, Much, Much More – A Field Trip, a very special Guest Speaker, a Hosted Cocktail Networking Party and much, much more!


You also get a 2nd seat included with your ticket. So, Book Early and Save.



((By the way, very, very few outside of my High-End Burley Black Card members have ever heard this information …)
Now, you may be asking:

John, how do you beat the competition out on so many deals? And not just you, I see your “Burley Graduates” out there getting deals like no one else. Are you guys drinking different water than the rest of us?

YES, we definitely are drinking from a different glass, so to speak.


Bottomline: The John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Training is filling up fast. Are you in? Are you ready to come join us?

Look, it is time for the Real Estate Investor to learn new tools. Using the same old recycled “stuff” that everyone is using and teaching, just doesn’t work anymore.

If you do what everyone else is doing, you will get what they are getting – NOT MUCH!!

Learn the simple, easy tweaks that you need to make to Super Charge your Investment business. Do that, or watch it get harder and harder, as your profits get squeezed out more and more.

Strong words…but you see…the odds are that the System, or Way you are going about (or trying to go about) to Invest in Real Estate is almost for sure very, very flawed.

Take Flipping for example, one of the oldest strategies there is, yet most people can’t even find deals. Makes you wonder when they can’t teach you how to make money in an up market, doesn’t it?

John has been doing this for longer, and more successfully, and in larger volume than anybody else around (that is not bragging, just the truth). So, take advantage of his Forty Plus Years of Experience and learn how to find the “Easy Deals” and make “The Profits” that everyone is looking for but not able to find.

Never Before has so much cash poured into Residential Real Estate…The Game has Changed…Have You?

Are you going to miss out on the biggest Real Estate Play Opportunity of your Lifetime? Or are you going to learn “Real Estate Secrets of the Rich…2024 Edition” and get Rich?

Great Investors don’t follow the herd and the ignorant masses, they learn the truth, that is what makes them rich

~ John R. Burley

Real Estate Investor’s Training
September 20th-22nd 2024 in Phoenix, AZ


You also get a 2nd seat included with your ticket. So, Book Early and Save.


This event also includes a tour to John Burley’s “Bricks and Mortar” Real Estate Investment Companies Corporate Headquarters.

That’s right, you will get to go to John’s office, where he will show you exactly how we do things and why.

You will see real deals happening on “The Board”. I guarantee you that the numbers we do will blow your mind.

And when you see the deals, we get you will be salivating to go get them for yourself!

People ask, “Why does John do that? I mean why go to the trouble and expense to let the Students actually come and see what you are doing (for real)?”


FIRST – We believe that you as the student have the right (and responsibility) to know that the Teacher really is doing what they are telling you to do. And in our case, your actual Teacher (John Burley), is the one who is actually doing the deals (John Burley).

Proof that John Burley has actually earned the right to Teach what He Does.

SECOND – Success breeds Success. Being in an “Environment of Success” is contagious. It raises your hope, faith, and belief with the knowing that this can be done. Hearing about it is one thing, seeing it is another. So, we let you come and see it!

This is also why he hold the High-End Burley Black Card “Elite” Program Mastermind Meetings exclusively in John’s office. So, the Members are here, during the work week, experiencing what a true Real Estate Investment Company does on a “normal” day.

THIRD – Our Students tell us that the “Field Trip” is a highlight of their time with us. They feel they get so much out of “being there” and “seeing how” we do things and why.

There is no replacement for leaving the classroom and actually “experiencing”.

FOURTH – Questions. Questions. Questions. And More Questions. We spend quite a bit of time at the office so that YOU will have time to ask your questions on our extremely powerful successful thirty year plus business model, our transactions, and our procedures.

Students tell us that this is a VERY POWERFUL EXPERIENCE, where you learn much more than just sitting in a classroom.

FIFTH – Systems. You will get to see first-hand the systems, professionalism and presence John brings to the Industry. You will understand why some of the most high-end Real Estate, Finance and Money people in the world come to John to do business with him.

This Office Tour is unprecedented. And can only be done by people who actually do it. Don’t miss out.


The John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Training is designed for all Levels of Real Estate Investor.

John Burley’s Real Estate Investor’s Summer Camp is designed for all levels of real estate investor.

New(er) Investor:


  • John will provide all the necessary, EXACT specifics that you need to get started in a very safe way.
  • He will show you EXACTLY how to find the deals you want and get the money you need to do deals and get paid upfront to do them.
  • John and his entire team will listen to your questions and answer them for you, introducing you to fellow students who started just a short time ago and are now doing deals and making money.
  • John believes in having the “real people” there for you to talk to and ask questions about their success and what John taught them.
  • John and his team will give you the knowledge you need to have the confidence to go and do it!

Intermediate Investor:


  • If you have been around a while and done some deals, John will show you how to really up your game by expanding your skill set.
  • You understand that what used to work is not working how it used to, John will show you what needs to change and help you stop self-sabotaging.
  • You got started – the hardest step – you’ve done some deals, now John will provide you with the tools you need to get to the next level.

Advanced Investor


  • How would your life change if you had all the money you needed to invest, and it didn’t cost you anything?
  • How would your life change if you had all the deals you wanted that came from sources other than the usual MLS, auctions or other old tired lists?
  • Many of John’s students have gone from dead stop to several deals every month in a very short time.  Come meet other advanced students who have been attending John’s events for many years – they keep coming back to make the distinctions that make the difference.
  • Join the Burley “Century Club”.  More Burley Students have achieved 100 or more properties in “portfolio” than any other training in history.  Come and meet them and learn what they are doing that you don’t know about yet.

There is a reason why John’s events have been going for so long and are so well attended. Quite simply:

John Burley is the Best Real Estate Investor/Educator in the World.

His Personal Success and the Success of His Students is the Proof.


You also get a 2nd seat included with your ticket. So, Book Early and Save.

As you can see, We are INCREDIBLY EXCITED about this upcoming event. This event is filling up fast. We have already pre-booked a large number of the available seats.

I urge you to book now so that you don’t miss out on all the benefits you will gain from the John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Training event September 20th-22nd 2024 in Phoenix, AZ.


If you have not booked your ticket(s) yet, STOP!
Stop listening to the (broke) masses and people who are not doing deals. Stop Self-Sabotaging. Stop letting opportunity pass you by. Just, Stop It. This Event is and Incredible Opportunity for you at a Very Favorable Price.

The event will give you access to a “Secret Weapon”, John Burley is that Secret Weapon!

Join us, and Learn how to get the things you need like:

  • Safety
  • Cash Flow
  • Security
  • Money
  • Freedom
  • Equity

And how to get the things you want, like:

  • Early Retirement
  • Vacations
  • College Educations
  • Cars
  • Beautiful Homes
  • Money In The Bank

John has had the honor and privilege of working with millions of students from all around the world.

He is an International # 1Best-Selling Author, with over a Million Copies!!!

He is a consummate professional with a thriving Private Equity Company you can model. Now is the time for you to make HIM, YOUR Mentor.


In addition to John, you get to hang out with “Burley Legacy”. Graduates who are TRUE players in the world of Real Estate Investing…

Your association with these successful people alone is invaluable. And they are there, literally rubbing shoulders with you, sharing their knowledge and experiences helping you become a “player”.

WARNING: What this event is not. This is NOT a product fest, infomercial event. There will not be speaker after speaker “selling” you the greatest thing since “sliced bread”.

This is NOT a canned Power Point Presentation. The entire event will be custom tailored for the specific needs (and questions) of the students.

There will not be fabrications, exaggerations, misleading or ridiculous promises for products offered that will magically make you rich, sexy, thin and loved by all, with a hot car, instantly, while you do nothing.

If you want that, delete yourself from these emails and events. We don’t do that, never have, never will.


Because life doesn’t work that way and we really don’t want to work with people that have bought into this lie.

You CAN DEFINITELY get rich from what John teaches. However, (and here is the FOUR-LETTER WORD), it will take WORK.

This is a SERIOUS Education Event.

So, the clock is ticking, seats are filling up. Are you going to get in before they are gone?

Private Graduate Q & A – This is Super Amazing!!!

We have scheduled special time, where you can meet and ask as many questions as you want with several John Burley Successful Graduates.

They are Graduates of events like this, the Burley Boot Camp and the Burley Black Card “Elite” Program and are EXTREMELY SUCCESFUL Investors. However, they are not “speakers”, they do not have any audio programs or coaching to sell. They will be at the event as John’s Guests to SERVE YOU. They will be available to answer your questions and give you the perspective of the student, rather than the teacher. They will share with you what they do that is working and what does not work. Plus, they will be available the entire event to ask your questions and help you move to the next level!

You will be able to schedule a “private” meeting where you can go over your personal situation and sit down and meet with a proven Investor who can answer your personal questions and help you get to the next level.

But enough on that, we will “SAVE IT” for the Event!!!


So, there you have it. John Burley REAL ESTATE INVESTOR’S Training! As I am sure you can imagine, not only are we INCREDIBLY EXCITED about this upcoming event, so are our students.

We urge you to book now so that you don’t miss out on all the benefits you will gain from the John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Training event September 20th-22nd 2024 in Phoenix, AZ.

Thank You and God Bless,
The Burley Family

PS The weather in Phoenix, AZ is Beautiful in September. Think 70s and 80s in the day, and just a bit cooler at night.

PSS This event is already substantially pre-booked. There will only be a limited number of tickets available. For the last several years 100% of John’s Events have fully Sold Out. Don’t Miss Out, book into this Premier Education and Networking Opportunity Event Now!

You also get a 2nd seat included with your ticket. So, Book Early and Save.


Real Estate Investor’s Training
September 20th-22nd 2024 in Phoenix, AZ

Hotel Information

Hampton Inn & Suites Phoenix-Goodyear
2000 N Litchfield Rd, Goodyear, AZ 85395
Phone No. (623) 536-1313


Call the hotel directly at the phone number listed below and ask for the Burley & Associates Fall Training – Student Room Block group to gain access to the discounted rate.

Hampton Inn & Suites Phoenix-Goodyear
2000 N Litchfield Rd, Goodyear, AZ, 85395



Real Estate Investor’s Training
September 20th-22nd 2024 in Phoenix, AZ


You also get a 2nd seat included with your ticket. So, Book Early and Save.

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