Bring all your questions and John Burley will provide you with “Rock Solid Answers”. This Event will focus on Solutions to your real estate problems. Your needs will be met and you will leave with the tools you need to successfully Invest in today’s market. This event will Make You Rich. It is going to be great.

The Kids get to go to Summer Camp, well now it’s Your turn…the John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Summer Camp is here and ready for you.

This is an Annual Event that is always packed with High-End, High-Content, with lots of “Summer Fun” thrown in. This is an event that you absolutely don’t want to miss!

YES! On July 15-17, 2017 in Sunny Phoenix, AZ John is going to be holding the John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Summer Camp. He will teach you exactly how to put together deals (big or small, or HUGE) in today’s world. Each year John carefully updates the content to give you EXACTLY what you need to succeed today!

Attend John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Summer Camp and set yourself up for a Breakthrough Summer. Make 2017 the year you really Break Out and Truly make your Real Estate Investment Dreams Come True!

The Time for Action is Now!

Real Estate Investing has dramatically changed. And YOU must change with it…Seriously….in my Strong Professional Opinion…

Today, in 2017, the Real Estate Investor MUST ADAPT OR DIE.

Strong words…but you see…the rules have all changed – Lets look at the most important changes:


Here is just the Beginning of what you will Learn:

1Lots of Investors. Investors Big and Small, including major Wall Street Companies are Buying Up America…and are making a killing. The Markets are Vibrants with Lots of Upside.


2Tons of Money is Now Available. So many things have changed…Tons of Money (and we mean TONS of MONEY) is Available (if you know how and where to get it) to invest with, and that is a HUGE POSITIVE.At the Event you can meet with dozens of John Burley Students who will tell you there has never been an easier time to get money for deals (of course only if you are trained and KNOW EXACTLY what to say, when to say it, how to say it, and to whom you say it)!!!They will tell you there is so much money ready to go, right now. Just in the last couple of months we have had many students do their first deal. Some of them doing multiple deals right out of the gate, all without their own money. We have had others that are already pushing 5, 10, 20 deals just in the last few months!Change. They had to learn the right way to do it today. They are NOT doing the “old ways” of doing things that most people are still doing. Why? Because the “old ways” do NOT WORK very well.Right now, at John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Summer Camp You will have the opportunity to update your skills and match all of your systems and approaches to what is working right now…in 2017. All you have to do is show up!


3“The Government” Wow, things are changing. Lots of New Rules to match up with the old rules – like the Dodd-Frank Act (and will continue to do so) that you must learn and follow or (literally) risk losing everything.


4Lending Changes. Lending has changed so much, to the point that many, many people cannot get loans if they are self-employed.The Banks are dealing with new rules, new legislations and new expectations, so we need to deal with them in a new way…or they just won’t play with us.At the John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Summer Camp we will show you exactly how to work with lenders (if you choose to, you don’t need to though). They are speaking a new language and using new formulas and calculations that you MUST KNOW.


5Owner Financing. Never has there been a better time to do Owner Financing. We are actively Buying and Selling with Owner Financing. What we do (and teach) is filling a huge “Hole” in the market.There is a HUGE NEED for financing (so many people locked out of owning because of government and bank policies) and we are providing it. Zig Ziglar always got this right, “Help enough other people get what they want, and you will get everything you want.”Plus, so many sellers are looking for an option that is better than paying a bunch of taxes and then putting the left over profits into 1-1.5% CDs. Selling to you on Owner Carry is the answer they are looking for!We will teach you the In’s and Out’s of “both sides of the fence” on these easy to do and highly profitable techniques.


6Subject To’s. Absolutely one of the best techniques available in today’s market. We are on the “Last Wave” of people in “holding” waiting for enough appreciation to be able to pay commissions and closing costs and just “walk away”. Many of these people would absolutely LOVE to have you take their property problems away!However, these are very technical and complex transactions. You need to know how to “dot the i’s and cross the t’s”. Little screw ups on the little things can cost you big-time. They say “the Devil is in the details”, well he is if you do not CLEARLY and ABSOLUTELY know what you are doing. John does, and he will make sure you do too!


7Foreclosures, REOs and Short Sales. There have been so many changes on these and we will completely update you and show you what is working. We will also show you some really cool new policies that can Super Charge your acceptance rate and flexibility.So much new stuff to deal with on the regulatory, rules, systems, sources in 2017. And that is why the John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Summer Camp is here. To provide you with all the current information and details you need to succeed right now, in today’s market, right where you invest!Straight UP – The Rules to the Real Estate Investing Game have Changed and You Need to come to the John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Summer Camp to make sure you have everything covered for Big Profits Now!



BOATLOADS of money are pouring into residential REAL ESTATE. And I mean BOATLOADS. Are you getting yours?

The Timing to Get In is NOW!!!

In fact, Never Before has so much cash poured into Residential Real Estate…And this is NOT hype. Never before has so much cashed poured into our markets. Clearly, the Game has Changed…Have You?

People in the know (like John) can position themselves to make a killing. And once you know what they (people like John) know you can make a killing to.

The Easiest Way to Succeed is Really Simple

Look this is really simple. The easiest way to succeed in anything is to find someone who is the best (like John) at what they do (Real Estate) and then simply model and copy them. If it already works (for John and his Huge Group of Graduates) then it will work for you too. Just learn exactly what they are doing, and do the same thing. It really is the simplest and easiest way to succeed.



Are you going to miss out on the biggest Real Estate Play of your Lifetime? Or are you going to learn “The New Rules to Real Estate Investing” and get Rich?

John Burley’s Real Estate Investor’s Summer Camp is the place to be.



That’s right, all the cool kids are coming to the John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Summer Camp. Why not you?

This will be a hard hitting, straight up, real world, no nonsense training. John will teach you what really works and what doesn’t in Today’s Market. You will also receive these Bonus Sessions:

  • An in-depth session on the different niches of real estate investing. This will give you the FULL CLARITY you need to make sure you are doing the right thing, with the right property.
  • Over Seventy-Five of the best places (sources) to find property in today’s market. And the best one’s are “hidden” and “off market”. We will show you exactly where the secret deals are and how to get them. Plus we will really take are time on this and do as much Q & A as you want, to make sure you know exactly where to go to get the best deals in your town.
  • The 12 Steps to acquiring property so that you make your profit when you ACQUIRE the property. Seriously, if you don’t know the steps, and don’t follow them in order, how do you expect it to work?
  • The 12 Steps to Remarketing your property and getting money in your pocket as quickly as possible. Again, this is “REAL WORLD” for today’s market and beyond. Their will not be a bunch of hype stuff or lists or websites to buy. Just sound business strategies to make your properties MOVE, FAST!Had enough of theory and general real estate investing concepts?Ready for real “meat and potatoes”, factual “how-to” information?The John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Summer Camp is going to be absolutely packed with content!I’m also going to share with you the following… but note that you will not just get an “introduction” into these techniques, you’re going to discover how to actually DO them and make them work for you:
  • Rentals – For many these are very much in vogue. Low Prices, Low Interest Rates, Low Monthly Payments, Low Down Payments are all VERY GREAT THINGS. And when paired with Positive Growth in Property Values, Increasing Rental Income and High Demand for Rental Properties THEY ARE AMAZING!
  • Quick Cash Deals – Lots of money to be made here, we will focus on how to safely find them, fund them, and flip them, FAST!
  • Flips and Rehabs – Know the Pitfalls and the Profit Centers to Maximize your Profits.
  • Wholesaling for Quick Profits – Learn one really easy, simple way to do this and you can be popping checks into your bank account right away.
  • Assignments – What works and doesn’t work today. These can be very profitable, but you need to know how to navigate your way through the waters on them. And we have a HUGE SECRET that will show you how to assign virtually every deal, even the “Non-Assignable” One’s!
  • Cash Flow (my absolute favorite of all). We will go over why Cash Flow may be the best investment ever designed (ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU GET PAID $10,000 TO DO IT!).

There’s so much more that we’ll be covering over these three powerful, content-filled days. What is most important for you to know is that:

NOTHING will be held back… all the distinctions I’ve made, what’s working now in this market, and exactly HOW to do it. Not just what to do.

PLUS, We are Including the following Bonus Sessions:

  • How to “FIND the DEALS” – This is the biggest issue most people are facing now, I will show you how to find the deals, for real, in your area, in today’s market.
  • The “Cash Flow” House Model – Without question the NUMBER ONE way to show a deal! Do you know it? Do you know how to draw it? Can you explain it? What about the calculations? How to answer questions on it? We will go over it, until you got it, “DOWN COLD”.
  • PLUS, Much, Much More – A Field Trip, a very special Guest Speaker, and more!



(By the way, very, very few outside of my High-End Burley Black Card members have ever heard this information …)

Now, you may be asking:

John, how do you beat the competition out on so many deals? And not just you, we see your “Burley Graduates” out there getting deals like no one else. Are you guys drinking different water than the rest of us?

YES, we definitely are drinking from a different glass, so to speak.


not-successYou don’t get successful doing what everyone else does, you become successful doing what those few who know what they are doing, are doing. And John Burley is one of the one’s who knows what he is doing.

You see, John has been doing this for over three decades. He has been through several markets: Up markets, down markets, flat markets, recovering markets, and growing markets (like the one’s we are in now).

Bottomline: The John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Summer Camp is filling up fast. Are you in? Are you ready to come join us?

Look, it is time for the Real Estate Investor to learn new tools. Using the same old recycled “stuff” that everyone is using and teaching, just doesn’t work anymore.

If you do what everyone else is doing, you will get what they are getting – NOT MUCH!!

Learn the simple, easy tweaks that you need to make to Super Charge your Investment business. Do that, or watch it get harder and harder, as your profits get squeezed out more and more.

Strong words…but you see…the odds are that the System, or Way you are going about (or trying to go about) to Invest in Real Estate is almost for sure very, very flawed.

John has been doing this for longer, and more successfully, and in larger volume than anybody else around (that is not bragging, just the truth). So take advantage of his Thirty-Five Plus Years of Experience and learn how to find the “Easy Deals” and make “The Profits” that everyone is looking for but not able to find.

Never Before has so much cash poured into Residential Real Estate…The Game has Changed…Have You?

Are you going to miss out on the biggest Real Estate Play Opportunity of your Lifetime? Or are you going to learn “Real Estate Secrets of the Rich…2017 Edition” and get Rich?


John Burley

We will be right upfront on this. We see a lot of inaccurate and uninformed information in the marketplace today. Along with a lot of complaining by people who are either trying (miserably) to hustle a quick buck or simply do not really understand what is going on in the Real Estate Investment Market today.

We have been doing this a long time, well over thirty-five years. We know what you, the Real Estate Investor, need to know to be successful TODAY:

1 – How to find deals (especially for low prices with little or no competition)

2 – How to have access to the money to do the deals (and get paid $10k Upfront)

3 – The best and safest way to remarket those deals for maximum profit

We can absolutely and unequivocally tell you that once you understand what is going on, and know exactly what to do, you will ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Real Estate Market that we are in.

John is going to show you exactly how he and his students, across the country are massively profiting from the current market, and more importantly, how you can get rich too!


At this event we are going to hold nothing back, we are going to let you know from an insider’s view exactly what is going on and exactly how you can profit.

No sensationalism, no the “sky is falling”, no the “Great Boom” is upon us and get in now at any price stuff.

Just the straight up truth.

Great Investors don’t follow the herd and the ignorant masses, and go in the right direction, they learn the truth, that is what makes them rich

~ John R. Burley

Real Estate Investor’s Summer Camp
July 15-17, 2017 in Phoenix, AZ

At our July 15-17, 2017 event the John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Summer Camp we will show you exactly how to win and make more money than you ever have before.

The Naive, or Uninformed Investor thinks the problem are:

  1. There are not enough good deals to go around.
  2. Too many people are over paying for property.
  3. I can’t find enough (or a) good deal

Wait a minute John, that is the problem, there are not enough good deals to go around and people are paying too much, that is the problem. NO IT IS NOT!!! We repeat…“NO IT IS NOT!!!”

The Problem is that most Real Estate Experts, Investors and the People Talking about Real Estate Investing don’t understand what is going on:

They just don’t get it!

So, anyone who tells you, or is saying that it is hard right now, in my frank professional opinion simply does not understand what is going on, and how to profit from it. And this is not a short-term thing, this is long-term. These are the Real Estate Markets that we will be dealing with for the next few years, so you better figure out how to “tweak things” so that you can make money in Investment Real Estate – Today and into the Future.

So as we see it, today’s Real Estate Investor has two choices…learn “How to do it the Right Way, Today”, or Go Away!

This is not a theory situation, this is not about hypotheticals. This is about you learning how to up your game so that you can compete and win in a HUGE ARENA where there are MILLIONS of DOLLARS to be made.



This event also includes a tour to my “Bricks and Mortar” Real Estate Investment Companies Main Building.

That’s right, you will get to go to my office, where we will show you exactly how we do things and why.

You will see real deals happening on “The Board”. We guarantee you that the numbers we do will blow your mind.

And when you see the deals we get you will be salivating to go and get them for yourself!

Many locals actually take a photo of “The Board” and then go check out to see if we really bought them for the incredibly low numbers that we do.

We know that, feel free to take your own photos and check our deals out. This stuff is real and really works, and can really work for you.

People ask, “Why does John do that? We mean why go to the trouble and expense to let the Students actually come and see what you are doing (for real)?”


FIRST – We believe that you as the student have the right (and responsibility) to know that the Teacher really is doing what they are telling you to do. And in our case, your actual Teacher (John Burley), is the one who is actually doing the deals (John Burley).

Proof that John Burley has actually earned the right to Teach what He Does.

SECOND – Success breeds Success. Being in an “Environment of Success” is contagious. It raises your hope, faith, belief and the knowing that this can be done. Hearing about it is one thing, Seeing it is another. So we let you come and see it!

This is also why he hold the High End Burley Black Card “Elite” Program MasterMind Meetings exclusively in John’s office. So the Members are here, during the work week, experiencing what a true Real Estate Investment Company does on a “normal” day.

THIRD – Our Students tell us that the “Field Trip” is a highlight of their time with us. They feel they get so much out of “being there” and “seeing how” we do things and why.

Their is no replacement for leaving the classroom and actually “experiencing”.

FOURTH – Questions. Questions. Questions. And More Questions. We spend quite a bit of time at the office so that YOU will have time to ask your questions on our extremely successful twenty-five plus year business model, our transactions, and our procedures.

Students tell us that this is a VERY POWERFUL EXPERIENCE, where you learn much more than just sitting in a classroom.

FIFTH – Systems. You will get to see first-hand the systems, professionalism and presence John brings to the Industry. You will understand why some of the most high-end Real Estate, Finance and Money people in the world come to John to do business with him.

This Office Tour is unprecedented. And can only be done by people who actually do it. Don’t miss out.


The John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Summer Camp is designed for all Levels of Real Estate Investor.


New(er) Investor

newFor the New(er) Investor looking to do their FIRST DEAL (or a Deal or two) we will provide you with all the necessary EXACT SPECIFICS that you need to get started in a VERY SAFE way.

We will show you EXACTLY how to Find the Deals you want and to Get the Money you need to do deals and get paid upfront to do them (up to $10,000 upfront plus the profits from the deal!).

John and his entire team of Real Estate Professional Investors will patiently listen to your questions and answer them for you. We will introduce you to a large number of fellow students who started just a short time ago and are now today are doing deals and making money, for real.

John doesn’t believe in putting up a ton of pictures or checks from people who made money at some point in time. Rather he has the “real people” right there for you to talk to and ask questions about their successes and what John taught them. The real deal is right here just waiting for you to show up.

We will give you the knowledge you need to have the confidence to go and do it!

Intermediate Investor

Real-Estate-InvestmentFor the Investor that has been around for awhile and done some deals we will show you how to really up your game. If you feel like you are having to work harder and harder for lower results then you already understand (intuitively) that something is wrong with what you have been doing and that an update in your skill set and systems is now required.

And that is the challenge for so many Investors, they know that what used to work is not working how it used to, they know something needs to change, they are just not completely sure what.

Seriously, if this is you stop struggling, stop making it hard on yourself. Stop self-sabotaging. In short, stop the madness. The whole game has changed from when you started. Of course, the stuff that used to work no longer works like it used to. Markets, systems and rules change, and you must change with them or suffer the consequences.

You already did what for most is the hardest step. You got started and did some deals. Now it is time to up your game. To learn exactly what the “big boys and girls” are doing and get the fast results you are looking for.

Well, we will show you exactly what you need to change. And we will provide you with what you need, the tools to go to the next level at the John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Summer Camp.

Advanced Investor

advanceFor the Advanced Investor. Let me ask you just two questions:

Question #1 “How would your life change if you had all the money you needed to invest and it didn’t cost you anything (no interest to pay for use of the money)?”

I recently showed one student how to get $5,000,000.00 in less than 60 Days!

Question #2 “How would your life change if you had all the deals you wanted (excess actually) that came from sources other than the usual MLS, Auctions or other old, tired lists?”

Many of our students within just a few months are going from “Dead Stop” to several deals every month. Some do 25, 50, 100 plus deals per year!

Seriously, what would you do in this business if:

Money was not an issue? And you had access to all the deals you wanted?

You had hundreds of thousands, or millions, or tens of millions of dollars in investment capital available to you when you wanted it?

You never had to even think about using hard money again? (John has not used hard money, it is just way too expensive, in over 20 years.)

You could make tens of thousands of dollars upfront each and every month (for just doing a couple of deals), that you NEVER had to pay back?

You received $5,000, $10,000, $20,000, $50,000, or even $100,000 per month passive income?

You could build up tens of thousands of equity each and every month?

You could over the course of next few years create millions of dollars in equity to cash in when you want?

On a percentage basis, we have more Advanced Investors come to our programs than literally any other program. Many of them (whom you will get a chance to meet) have been attending my events for 5, 10, 20 years. They continue to come back to make the distinctions that make all the difference.

There is a reason why John’s events have been going for so long, and are so well attended. Quite simply:

John Burley is the Best Real Estate Investor/Educator in the World.

His Personal Success and the Success of His Students is the Proof.



As you can see We are INCREDIBLY EXCITED about this upcoming event. This event is filling up fast. We have already pre-booked a large number of the available seats.

I urge you to book now so that you don’t miss out on all the benefits you will gain from the John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Summer Camp event July 15-17, 2017 in Phoenix, AZ.


If you have not booked your ticket(s) yet, STOP!

Stop listening to the (broke) masses and people who are not doing deals.

None of the “players” who have been around for Twenty Plus Years are panicking right now, nor should you. You have access to a “Secret Weapon”, ME!

Come to the John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Summer Camp July 15-17, 2017 Event in Phoenix, AZ and learn (and apply) immediately that which we know.

Learn how to get the things you need like:
  • Safety
  • Cash Flow
  • Security
  • Money
  • Freedom
  • Equity
And how to get the things you want, like:
  • Early Retirement
  • Vacations
  • College Educations
  • Cars
  • Beautiful Homes
  • Money In The Bank

John has had the honor and privilege of working with thousands upon thousands of people all over the world.

John has had folk like Robert Kiyosaki come to him to invest their own money in Real Estate.

He is an International Best Selling Author, getting his book to #1 here in the United States and abroad.


On one evening, we’ll put aside the Real Estate (mostly) and talk about why people all too often do not use the information they learn at regular events.

Basically, they get all this great information, but they never use it to its fullest potential.

Well, John has got an entire session dedicated to making sure this does NOT happen to you. In fact, it’s the secret that John personally used to get himself “unstuck” and moving forward when he is in the doldrums. It works for him, for his top students and it will work for you too!

That’s right you will get his very own, personal information, he used to make sure hegothimself out there doing what he need to do even on those days when he just want to procrastinate and put things off.


You get to hang out with TRUE players in the world of Real Estate Investing…

We already have a large number of high-end, getting deals done now, making big bucks for real today booked in and attending (compare that to other events where often less than 5% of attendees are actually “players”)

Your association with these successful people alone is invaluable. And they are there, literally rubbing shoulders with you, sharing there knowledge and experiences helping you become a “player”.

Seating is strictly limited. This event will absolutely sell out. When the seats are sold, they are sold.

In fact, we are already pre-release over 50% filled and we haven’t even promoted this to the database yet!

And it’s available right now for only 1 payment of $247… but be warned: The price goes up in a few days…

WARNING: What this event is not. This is NOT a product fest, infomercial event. There will not be speaker after speaker “selling” you the greatest thing since “sliced bread”.

John Burley will Personally be teaching the entire program – No Substitutes He will NOT be reading from a Power Point Presentation. The entire event will be custom tailored for the specific needs (and questions) of the students.

There will not be fabrications, exaggerations, misleading or ridiculous promises for products offered that will magically make you rich, sexy, thin and loved by all, with a hot car, instantly, while you do nothing.

If you want that, delete yourself from my emails and events. We don’t do that, never have, never will.


Because life doesn’t work that way and we really don’t want to work with people that have bought into this lie.

You CAN DEFINITELY get rich from what we teach, when you use the information. However, (and here is the FOUR LETTER WORD), it will take WORK.

This is a SERIOUS Education Event.

So, the clock is ticking, seats are filling up. Are you gonna get in before they are gone?

This is NOT a PITCHFEST with multiple speakers selling stuff.

John Burley will teach the bulk, over 90% of the content.

Private Graduate Q & A – This is Super Amazing!!!

We have scheduled special time, where you can meet and ask as many questions as you want with several John Burley Successful Graduates.

They are Graduates of events like this, the Burley Boot Camp and the Burley Black Card “Elite” Program and courses are EXTREMELY SUCCESFUL Investors. However, they are not “speakers”, they do not have any audio programs to sell. They will be at the event as John’s Guests to SERVE YOU. They will be available to answer your questions and give you the perspective of the student, rather than the teacher. They will share with you what they do that is working and what does not work. Plus, they will be available the entire event to ask your questions and help you move to the next level!

You will be able to schedule a “private” meeting where you can go over your personal situation and sit down and meet with a proven Investor who can answer your personal questions and help you get to the next level.

But enough on that, we will “SAVE IT” for the Event!!!



So there you have it. John Burley REAL ESTATE INVESTOR’S SUMMER CAMP! As we are sure you can imagine, not only are we INCREDIBLY EXCITED about this upcoming event, so are our students! This event is filling up fast. We have already pre-booked a large number of the available seats.

I urge you to book now so that you don’t miss out on all the benefits you will gain from the John Burley Real Estate Investor’s Summer Camp” event July 15-17, 2017 in Phoenix, AZ.

Thank You and God Bless,

From the Offices of John R. Burley

PS The Special Early-Bird Registration ends June 30, 2017. After that, the regular tuition of $997 will apply!

PSS The weather in Phoenix, AZ in the summer is HOT (low humidity though). Not to worry though, everything is air conditioned and the hotel has a great pool.

PSSS Consistently, our top students commit and come to the Summer Event. It is one of our Premier Education and Networking Opportunities.



Real Estate Investor’s Summer Camp
July 15-17, 2017 in Phoenix, AZ

Hotel Information

radisson-hotelRadisson Hotel Phoenix North

10220 North Metro Parkway East
Phoenix, AZ 85051

For reservations call: (602) 997-5900

Book a room before June 23, 2017

Real Estate Investor’s Summer Camp
July 15-17, 2017 in Phoenix, AZ