Million Dollar Words

The words we choose make all the difference.  When one walks in to a negotiation or selling situation there is a “window” of opportunity to “get the deal” or “make the sale”.  The window usually starts wide open (think of an old wooden sash window), and then as we begin to speak (for most of us) the window begins to close.  And then “BAM” before we know it the window is closed and the deal is gone.  We blew another one.  What happened?

The fact is that most people’s vocabulary is literally littered with words that on a conscious (and sub-conscious) level trigger “automatic resistance” to what we are trying to lead them to do.  Million Dollar Words will teach you the EXACT words that you NEVER want to say in a selling or negotiating situation along with the EXACT words you ALWAYS want to say.

Proven Professional Investors and Salespeople share with us that these MILLION DOLLAR WORDS increase their closing rate by as much as 20-30%.

So, stop blowing deals through lack of knowledge and triggering “automatic”reflex “NO’s” when you are talking with prospects.  Take the step into high-end professionalism.  Order your copy of MILLION DOLLAR WORDS today.

Million Dollar Words

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