The Real Estate Training you Always Wanted is now Here.

Burley “Field Camp”, will be held, one-time only, on November 30 – December 1-2, 2018 in Beautiful, Sunny, Phoenix, AZ

This will be like no event I have ever done before. And certainly like no event you have ever heard of before.

We are ALL Going to Go Out Into the “Field” and put you to “Work” Buying and Selling houses the Creative “Burley Way”.

No MLS, No Auctions, No Multi-Offer, No Bidding Process.

Just you and the buyer and seller, making deals happen, in the field, for real.

I will be teaching you EXACTLY what I Do and what I have taught my Field Representatives to do for DECADES. This is no theory, no Pie-in-the-Sky, Seminar Stuff. This is DECADES, literally a Lifetime of Experience, Really doing it, like no other. Brought to you One Time and One Time Only.

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Got your attention?

  • This is where the “Home Runs” Happen.
  • This is where the “No Money Down” Deals Happen.
  • This is where the “Steep Discount” Deals Happen.
  • This is where the “No Credit or New Loans” Deals Happen.
  • This is where the “25% to Infinity Rate of Return” Deals Happen.

This is where the “Big Boys and Girls Go” that most investors only dream of. Is that you? Are you ready to do that?

But, and it is a Big But…are you ready to “SEE” the “Other World” of Real Estate Investing that has Always been there, yet most are too afraid to go to?

What we WILL NOT be doing:

  • We WILL NOT be doing traditional deals.
  • We WILL NOT be looking at the MLS
  • We WILL NOT be making offers on Retail Properties.
  • We WILL NOT be overpaying. Heck, we won’t even be paying close to retail.
  • We WILL NOT be talking with real estate agents.

What we WILL be doing:

  • We WILL be showing you EXACTLY how to Buy Off Market.
  • We WILL be showing you how to Find Deals you didn’t know existed.
  • We WILL be showing you how to Create Huge Equity Spreads.
  • We WILL be showing you how to Create Cash Flow
  • We WILL be showing you how to Fix Others Problems.
  • We WILL be showing you how to Make Big Money.
  • We WILL be showing you how to do it With and Without the Banks.
  • We WILL be Making 25-100% to Infinity Rates of Return.

What will I Do at the Burley “Field Camp”???

  • You will be knocking on doors to sell properties.
  • You will be knocking on doors to buy properties.
  • You will be hanging flyers to buy properties.
  • You will be hanging flyers to sell properties.
  • You will be calling on properties NOT for SALE and BUYING them.
  • You will be making written offers on deals you find, that make sense.

The GREAT DEALS are virtually NEVER on MLS or a website or at a traditional auction (especially when markets are good).

NO, the GREAT DEALS are rarely even up for sale! Rather the GREAT DEALS are FOUND, OFF MARKET and MADE.

And that is exactly what John Burley and his Team will be teaching you this November 30 – December 1-2, 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona.

This is ABSOLUTELY a one-time event. If you don’t come, you miss it, Forever. Period.

Because so much time will be spent in the field, working on REAL DEALS, the class size is severely limited.

All Burley Black Card Students will have tickets and be there. A great number of highly trained Real Estate Investors from the Burley Boot Camp and past Burley Black Card Graduates have already reserved their seats.

There will be a very limited number of seats available to the general public. But, those that get in will be in for the opportunity of a lifetime. The chance to sit side-by-side and literally rub elbows with seasoned professionals, while John and his team take them all out into the “Field” to buy and sell properties.

So, how does the Burley Field Camp Work:

  • 1st – John will be laying the Groundwork and Teaching you Exactly what to do in the Classroom.
  • 2nd – John and His Team will “Show” you how they do it. This will be either by Lessons or Demonstrations.
  • 3rd – John and His Team will Supervise you in Role Play and Practice.
  • 4th – John and His Team will take you into the FIELD and you will Do It!
  • 5th – John and His Team will Review and Go Over what you did Right and what to do Better.
  • 6th – John and His Team will Get you Back out into the Field To Do it Again!
  • 7th – John and His Team will Debrief and YOU will share your “War Stories“.

Step-by-Step, with Your Hand-Held You will be Taken through the Process and then into the Field, to Buy and Sell Properties.

Is this for You? If so, Get Booked In, Now.

Today 1 Payment Of $2,995

Regular Price : $5,995

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And remember seats are severely limited. This event will absolutely, fully book out fast.

You Will Learn, by DOING:

  • Contrarian Marketing
  • The $10,000 to You Strategy
  • Door Hangars (Copy, Content, Strategy)
  • Mailers (Copy, Content, Strategy)
  • Door Knocking Script, Strategy and Use
  • Property Selling Flyers (Dual Sided)
  • Non-Bandit Signs (why yellow corrugated plastic is BAD)
  • House Sign Strategy & Systems
  • Neighborhood Grassroots Marketing
  • Meeting with Sellers and Getting the Property
  • Meeting with Buyers and Moving the Property
  • Google Numbers
  • Phone Calls on Properties NOT For Sale, and Buy Them

PLUS John will Cover (in Great Detail) How and When to USE:

  • Lease with Separate Option to Buy
  • Lease Purchase to Buy
  • Installment Contract to Buy
  • Subject to Do and Dont’s
  • “Mirror Wrap” Purchases
  • Purchase Contract with Warranty Deed

You must fully understand and know when and which strategy and documents to use in which situation.

These are VERY COMPLEX TRANSACTIONS that Provide Expertise and Competency. They should not be attempted by the untrained. Done without PROPER TRAINING they come with MANY PITFALLS and RISKS. And for the FULLY TRAINED they are the MOST PROFITABLE and EASIEST Real Estate Deals Available.

All these (and more) Documents will be provided to all Paid Attendees (Only).


   John Burley

Notice and Warning:

This is Confidential and Proprietary Information. Over the decades a large number of people have unsuccessfully attempted to take John Burley’s Revolutionary Systems, Techniques and Strategies and use them to Profit by Teaching Others (without express permission). This despicable act will not be tolerated.

This information is provided to the Attendee for their (and their teams) personal and company use only. Any violation of this trust will be strictly enforced.

Sorry to be harsh, it is just that so many people want what we will be providing, and it is very important to me that the source stay pure and that it is only taught properly. The more advanced the information, the more critical that it is taught properly. This internet age has been proliferated with “experts” who simply are not experts. The content being shared (and done) in this event is the culmination of close to 50 years of my personal experience. It needs to be taught personally, by me.

John R. Burley, Founder & CEO
Burley & Associates, Inc.

The Burley “Field Camp” will be like no event ever done. Three full days powering out massive content and then going into the “Field” and Doing It, for Real. That is as good as it gets.

The Question is are YOU up to it? Are you ready to power your Real Estate Investing Business like never before? Are you willing to open up flood gates of new deals, that virtually no one else is trying to get? Are you? Well, are You?

The time to decide and take action is NOW.

Today 1 Payment Of $2,995

Regular Price : $5,995

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This is event is for everyone, experienced or not, who is willing to take the content and use it.


For many, new is better. If you are new you don’t have a lot of bad habits and “false” information you are holding on to, you are a fresh slate and we will set you up for victory. We will go at a pace that allows all to follow along and myself and my Team will be there to assist you and hold your hand.


If you are searching for something better, we are it. If you are looking to grow and expand your business, this event will give it to you. If you need more tools, we have them. In fairness, we will most likely stretch you, because much of what John teaches and does works so well because everyone else does not do it. He is not a “flavor of the month” guy. He does not chase markets and he does not do the same thing over and over again even if it is not working.

You will learn to adapt, to innovate, to use the tools that best fix the market you are in now. You will learn to become an Advanced Investor.


If you are “Truly” an Advanced Investor, then you may not ever even read this…because you already booked into one of the limited seats available!

John Burley is the Master. He has done and does more than anyone else. His students have the highest success rate in the business, by far. He has more people in the “Century Club(one hundred plus positive cash flow properties in portfolio) than anyone else. This training will help you get to the next level. It will show you deals you have been missing and give you new perceptions on how the markets work, and how you can benefit.

Book in while there are still seats available.

Psychology & Emotions

Psychology & EmotionsJohn is a HUGE Believer that we get (or don’t get) what we want primarily based on our own beliefs, psychology & emotions.

At this event we will show you why you are getting what you are getting and if it is not what you want then we will show you how to “tweak it” for success.

Plus, we will teach you how to understand where your Buyer’s and Seller’s are at (psychologically & emotionally) so you can best serve them and complete far more transactions.

Suffice it to say, you will learn much, much more about this at the event!

Burley “Field Camp”

Real-Estate-InvestmentThe event will be three full days. We will go into the “Field” every day. You will learn Tips, Techniques and Strategies that you can use for a lifetime. What I am sharing with you literally changed my life. It allowed me to always make money in any market. And it gave me a huge competitive advantage in markets that were overly competitive.

It is my privilege to pass on to you that which made such a difference in my life. I had to learn it all the hard way, by trial and error, making lots of mistakes along the way. You get to learn it the easy way, by simply following my system and being successful.

Burley “Field Camp” Tuition Includes:

  • One Ticket to Burley “Field Camp” November 30 – December 1-2, 2018
  • Digital Contract Package with Updates for one year (Digital)
  • The Dodd-Frank Solution (Digital)
  • Ultimate Cash Flow – Volume 1 & 2 (Digital)
  • How to Buy and Sell Without the Banks (Digital)

I now leave it in your capable hands. The one-time only Burley “Field Camp” is coming up on November 30 – December 1-2, 2018. I will be there. My highly trained Staff will be there. Some of our Top Graduates will be there to help train in the field. The Burley Black Card Students will be there. Many Burley Black Card and Burley Boot Camp Graduates will be there. First time attendees have already booked in and will be there. Students who have been to one or more of my events will be there. The only question left is…will you be there?

Today 1 Payment Of $2,995

Regular Price : $5,995

Register Now!

I do not think you can understand just how excited I am to do this one-time only Burley “Field Camp”. This event has been in my mind for well over a decade. It was the complex matter of setting it all up, designing it and then implementing that kept it from happening sooner. Logistically, for you the Student this is easy. For us, it is very intensive. Making sure the parts work in the best way possible, maximizing the students learning and success do not just happen. That requires wisdom, experience, planning and a lot of hard work.

My thanks in advance to my Burley Team, the Burley Staff and all the Burley Students who have made this event possible.

I look forward to seeing you on November 30 – December 1-2, 2018 in sunny Phoenix, AZ for the Burley “Field Camp”.


John R. Burley, Founder & CEO
Burley & Associates, Inc.

PS The Special Super Early Bird Registration ends soon. After that, the normal investment of $5,997 will apply.

PSS A Partner ticket may be acquired with your order for 50% of the investment.

PSSS The weather in Phoenix, AZ in the winter is AMAZING. That is why we have all the “Snow Birds”, people who leave the mid-west and Canada and “flock” to Phoenix for the winter. Mid 70s to mid 80s is normal, so remember to pack your swimsuit!

Reminder – This is a one-time only event. It is a one and done. Recording would be next to impossible because of the field elements. If you need this event, please don’t miss it. Book in while tickets are available.

Today 1 Payment Of $2,995

Regular Price : $5,995

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Hotel Information

Hilton Garden InnHilton Garden Inn Avondale

11460 W. Hilton Way,
Avondale, AZ 85323.

For reservations call: +1-623-882-3351

Hotel Booking Link: Click Here To Book


Arrival Date: 29-Nov-2018

Departure Date: 02-Dec-2018


Today 1 Payment Of $2,995

Regular Price : $5,995

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