Winning the Money Game


Recorded "Live" this 3-Day Event is the most revealing seminar ever done on the subject of money.

Huge Financial Legends such as Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki, Al "CW" Allen, Diane Kennedy and others joined John for this event.



Subjects covered include:

  • The 7 Money Habits;
  • the Six Levels of Investor;
  • Earn 16% + Government Guaranteed;
  • Where to Invest Your Money Today;
  • Keep and Protect Your Assets;
  • Reduce Expenses;
  • Take Advantage of the Hundreds of Deductions now available for Entrepreneurs that can Legally Reduce Taxes 30-70%;
  • The Best 2 Mutual Funds Ever;
  • John's Insider Investment Strategies;
  • Where John Invests his money;
  • College Education Planning that allow your Children and Grandchildren to attend the Best Schools in the World;
  • Retirement Planning;
  • Corporation; and
  • Limited Family Partnerships.

Students will develop a personal financial system designed to reduce debt and expenses while providing for long term financial security.

Retail Price $997

Money Secrets of the Rich Price $347



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