Financial Power

Financial Power is the program that you have been looking for if you are interested in cleaning up your financial baggage (or helping others out) and catapulting yourself into a bright and successful financial future. You will learn how you can start with some simple strategies that will empower you to generate a passive income that gives you the freedom and power to call your own shots in life.

John promised that during this three day event, “He would prove that with the right tools and strategies it is possible to make good healthy investment profits…while minimizing risk…whether the market is going up or down!” Those were strong words and he delivered.


Having survived and thrived through three full economic cycles, no man is better qualified to teach how you can also prosper in times of financial gloom. In this audio program John teaches how to be prepared for when the bubble really bursts and more…

  • Healthy financial practices that will empower you to hold on to more of the money you have and all of the money you will make!
  • Strategies for all levels of investors, from those just starting out to the experienced investors. John explores great ways to get started and build amazing profits.
  • How to model the mindset of the world’s wealthiest people.
  • How to handle the “side effects” of the passive income you obtain when the strategies you learn work for you.
  • Why most of the financial experts you have read about are just dead wrong when it comes to their traditional financial planning and tax advice.
  • The benefits and pitfalls of different business structures, and which is best for YOUR situation.
  • How to develop the positive psychology that the worlds wealthiest investors consider to be the most important element of their financial success.
  • And much, much more!


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